5 Reasons Why U.S. Law Shield Is The Best Conceal Carry Insurance

If you’re thinking about buying a conceal carry weapon (CCW) or a gun safe for your vehicle, here are 5 reasons why you should get the best conceal carry insurance.

U.S. Law Shield is one of the most reputable companies around and are well respected by industry experts.

Not to mention their base coverage packages start as low as $10.95 a month.

In fact, 1 in 5 homeowners carries concealed weapons in their home state either on them or in the vehicle.

So if you want peace of mind when carrying a weapon, here are the 5 reasons to get the best conceal carry insurance from U.S. Law Shield.

  1. 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
  2. Non-emergency access to our Independent Program Attorneys
  3. Unlimited civil & criminal defense litigation coverage
  4. State-specific educational videos, law updates, and online resources
  5. Customizable coverage packages that are tailored for your needs!

Below we will go over each point in more detail and explain why these points are so important.

24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline

I think this point goes without saying but it has to be mentioned.

When something tragic happens and you need help, you want to be with a group that will answer the phone.

Things happen out of our control on a daily basis.

What is in our control is being covered by a group like U.S. Law Shield that has professionals to take your calls now matter the day or the time you call.

Their team is 100% focused on providing a Legal Defense for Self-Defense for you and your family members.

Depending on what package and addon you opt in for this does mean you can extend the service to your minor children.

This means the benefits you enjoy with the coverage all minors do as well. So they’re protected in your home, on your property, or even on the playground with this popular add-on.

Non-emergency access to U.S. Law Shield’s Independent Program Attorneys

But what if I need help and it is not an emergency ?

No worries.

After signing up and participating with this team you will get access to lawyers for non-emergencies as well.

The issues they can help you resolve can be anything regarding any general, non-emergency, self-defense-related questions.

For non-emergency questions, you can expect a response from an Independent Program Attorney within 72 hours.

But remember in the case you have a emergency on your hands, an Independent Program Attorney can be reached immediately 24/7/365 by calling the Emergency Hotline number provided on the back of your member card you carry with you in your wallet.

Unlimited civil & criminal defense litigation coverage

No hidden fees, deductible or co payments with this concealed carry insurance.

Think of this program like a full service one stop shop for conceal carry individuals.

In my opinion this is better than home and car insurance.

There is not out of no out-of-pocket costs or deductibles for attorneys’ fees!

I like most of your have used every insurance policy I own at one time or another but one this is for sure.

I do not know any home or car insurance company that will go to court to fight for you and your family freedoms.

This is what U.S. Law Shield is for! To help shield you when you need shielded!

The legal process and actions along the way often take a lot of time and money, and could even cause financial ruin for people.

Yet if you are members of this program you can count on U.S. Law Shield to stay the course without any limits to the time or caps on the money we spend on your case.

Membership also means you’ll be joining a community of like-minded citizens and can attend workshops, training, take an online course, and receive relevant information and breaking news pertaining to the law, self-defense, gun ownership, and more.

Like I mentioned above, a one stop shop for your legal needs makes this the best conceal carry insurance you can get.

State-specific educational videos, law updates, and online resources

Get armed with U.S. Law Shield concealed carry education

Let’s face it.

We can not keep up with the current and new laws for every single state we might drive through or do we train as much as we should for scenario we might encounter.

U.S. Law Shield makes it super easy for members to have access to tons of training, seminars, workshops, and education videos which is great for you and your family members.

Members can benefit from attending in person seminars and hands-on workshops hosted across the U.S. nearly every single day.

These live in-person sessions offer the chance to spend time and learn from experienced attorneys, firearms instructors, and professionals in many different areas of self-defense.

I always tell my friends and family members it is always better to learn from someone else’s mistake or mishaps than having to deal with it yourself personally.

This information is invaluable for your education and attending can give you the mindset you need while having concealed carry insurance.

The ins and the outs of what you should and should not do in certain situations you might encounter.

U.S. Law Shield also has books like Armed And Educated which is a growing series of books that are specific to state gun laws.

Each book is written by experienced attorneys who make complex gun laws with easy-to-understand language and real-life examples.

These books contain critical information that every responsible gun owner should know, including:

  • Where you can and cannot legally possess a firearm
  • When you are legally allowed to use a firearm
  • Real examples of how gun law impacts your life
  • Clear explanations that separate myth from reality
  • Practical information to keep you on the right side of the law

Customizable Coverage Packages

Below are some of the options you can add to your coverage packages.

Gunowners Identity Theft Coverage

A stolen gun or compromised ID is bad enough, but as a gun owner, it’s worse if it happens to you. Protect your name and right to carry with this powerful add-on. *Available in certain states only.

Multi-State Protection

Extend the power of your membership outside the borders of your home state to the entire country (including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico).

Minor Children

Extend the membership services and benefits you enjoy to all minors so they’re protected in your home, on your property, or even on the playground with this popular add-on.

Bail Bond & Expert Witness

Members with this add-on receive bond fee protection for bail up to $50,000 and an expert witness at trial, if necessary. *Available in certain states only.

Hunter & Angler Regulatory Assistance

Hunting and fishing laws are complex and constantly changing. By selecting HunterShield®, you get additional coverage specifically crafted for hunters and anglers and the issues they may face. Get protected in the woods and on the water with this option. *Available in certain states only.

Affordable Payment Options

You can select our monthly or annual affordable payment plan options. And, if you choose a dual membership for yourself or another household member, by selecting the annual payment plan, you’ll gain savings over the monthly rate – go annual and save! *Discount not available in CA and MS.


Having the extra coverage to make sure you and your family are safe after a tragic event is a no brainer.

U.S. Law Shield is the best concealed carry insurance does not stop with just coverage.

They have tons and tons of resources for you and your family/friends to attend workshops, training events, and information.

This undoubtedly is a great investment to make sure you are up-to-date and the most responsible conceal carry holder you can be.

If you are ready to become a member or need to see more information or videos you can visit their website below!

Stay safe out there!

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