Don’t Get Attacked Without One Of These Concealed Carry Knives

Those knowledgeable and most importantly trained with conceal carry knives know this fact.

They can be very effective at inflicting a lot of damage in close quarters if you have the proper training.

For these reasons carry knives are one of the best things to have on you for self-defense or just to the all-around utility when needed.

In this article, we will go over some of the most popular and best selling and a few you probably have not heard of or seen too many of.

These are in no particular order.

Legal Disclamier

You should always take into account the local laws and state laws when purchasing a knife, and that goes double when it comes to the one used for self-defense.

Self-defense is your right on this earth but not at the expense of breaking local or state laws.

That’s why it is of the utmost importance that you make sure your everyday carry or concealed carry knives meet the local laws as set out by the government.

Break them at your own peril.

You might protect yourself, but you could pay dearly.

That being said let’s get started.

Ka-Bar Knives TDI Law Enforcement Knife

Ka-Bar Knives TDI Law Enforcement Knife

This blade by Ka-Bar was designed for law enforcement officers as a “last option” knife.

If something has gone seriously wrong and your hands on needing something to defend yourself you turn to this.

The upside to this knife is it can easily be concealed when worn on the pant belt with little to no printing if dressed properly.

The downside is the blade features a hollow grind with serrations which is one of the weaker blade grindings but does give it a razor-sharp slicing edge.

The hollow grind is one of the characteristics of a straight razor to put it into a different example.

The handle is made with Zytel which is a type of Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon.

As a result, the handle will be extremely stiff and almost unbreakable.

The blade construction is of AUS 8A Stainless Steel which is a great steal for knife makers.

It’s mid-entry steel but gives a great balance of the right toughness, hardness, edge retention, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

Total weight is a meager 0.20 lb.

All the things you need in a great concealed carry knife.

Gerber Ghostrike Series Punch Knife

Gerber Ghostrike Series Punch Knife

A great option for anyone needing a discrete go-to knife for self-defense situations.

The handle is a very comfortable rubberized handle that gives superior purchase.

The blade is constructed from a 420HC steel blade which is no surprise seeing the price is right at $35.

The steel does give you moderately decent edge retention with good corrosion resistance.

It also gives you the easy ability to sharpen the knife.

The glass-filled nylon sheath that the knife comes with can be strung around your neck or worn on a tactical belt for easy access.

Gerber makes all their knives and tools in the US with limited lifetime warranties.

The overall length of this model is 4.8 inches long and weight around 4 oz.

Great for around the neck wearing with the provided 550 paracord.

Gerber Ghoststrike Lightweight Concealed Carry Knife

Gerber Ghoststrike Lightweight Concealed Carry Knife

Same great features as their punch series above but for people looking for more of a full-size knife.

Their GhostStrike series blades are extremely lightweight self-defense knives.

The benefit of going with this system gives you an added customizable sheath system that offers a low profile or open carry.

This knife features the same blade structure as their punch series with an exception.

This one is has a skeletal frame that keeps it light in hand, and a rubber over-mold gives optimal grip.

Black Triangle Serval G10 Tool

Black Triangle Serval G10 Tool

The unique concealed carry knife made by Black Triangle is called The Serval.

It is a reverse-edge nod to the South African Okapi folding knife with a unique twist.

This version is a non-metallic option made from G10.

“G10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a type of composite material.

It is created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaked in epoxy resin, and by compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy cures.”(source)

It is made like this not for the purpose of stabbed similar to an ice pick rather than slashed because this blade does not feature a sharpened edge.

This concealed carry knife is 7 3/4 inches in overall length with the G10 being 1/4 inch thick black profile.

The handle material is an epoxied jute cord wrap which is a plant or fiber used to make burlap bags.

It gives you just enough of a great purchase on the tool and comes with a taco-style Kydex sheath.

This is a great self defence tool that is 100% metal-free.

It is a bit more on the pricier of the options but it is extremely tough and well designed for anyone looking for something unique.

Cold Steel Urban Pal Neck Knife

Cold Steel Urban Pal Neck Knife

The Urban Pal designed to be for anyone surviving in urban settings by Cold Steel.

Anyone talking about concealed carry knives never leaves out Cold Steel.

They have been developing and designing wicked blades from Texas since the 1980s.

This one comes in weighing less than half an ounce and is perfectly at home unobtrusively carried in a pocket or purse.

The sheath can be easily attached to a key ring or hung around the neck using 550 paracords.

Overall thickness is just 2mm with an overall blade length is 1 1/2 inch.

This makes a great concealed carry blade made from Japanese AUS 8A Stainless.

As a result, it will not break the bank.

Dynamis Alliance Dynamis Blade Package

Dynamis Alliance Dynamis concealed carry knife Package

If you are going on duty or just getting off duty the Dynamis Blade was designed for you.

With their company motto being

“THE WILL TO FIGHT” isn’t just about throwing punches. THE WILL TO FIGHT is our most valuable asset. It’s our willingness to dig deep enough to find that purpose in our lives that pushes and pulls us through our circumstances. And sometimes it’s all we have.

You can tell their concealed carry knives are built for a purpose.

To get into the fight if that’s what it takes but most importantly get your through the other side using their knives.

This blade is cut from CPM3V which is one of the toughest, most wear-resistant steels on the market.

CPM3V was designed to provide maximum resistance to breakage and chipping in high wear-resistance steel.

You can trust your life on this knife being able to handle any confrontation you get into and keep on going after being used.

The overall cutting edge is 3.75 inches and is offered in a single or double edge.

The sculpted micarta handle material is designed to have a perfect fit for both reverse and forward grip fighting.

This blade is easily concealable that transitions seamlessly to a professional working environment or casual use.

The kit features here do come with a sheath and red trainer to practice knife manipulation with.

The last important fact we have to mention before moving on is that these are forged proudly in the USA and handcrafted by Winkler Knives.

All these features make this a great blade but with that comes a premium price tag but still reasonable compared to other handmade knives.

First Tactical Scorpion Mini Tanto Knife

First Tactical Scorpion Mini Tanto Knife

These mini tanto knives made by First Tactical make ideal concealed carry knives.

You can easily stash this blade in a boot or around the knife with 550 paracords.

This blade features an index finger pull locator that makes it easily found even in low lighting situations and deploy.

First Tactical made this skeletonized knife that has lightning cuts throughout for maximum weight savings.

The blade is made from 440A steel which is a mid-range and fairly durable steel compared to some other lower-end blade steel.

Blade type is a subtly modified tanto design which is one of my favorite types of designs.

This kit does come with a sheath with an overall length of 4.92in and blade thickness or 1.22in.

The whole kit with knife in sheath weighs 2.6oz.

Kershaw Secret Agent Concealed Carry Knife

Kershaw Secret Agent Concealed Carry Knife

Let’s start by saying this.

It was only a matter of time before someone used the 007 Secret Agent knife.

This blade is constructed with an 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade with high carbon is heat-treated for performance, hardness, and durability.

The 8Cr13MoV is Chinese steel with similar performance characteristics to AUS-8 steel.

For those looking for a budget concealed carry knife, this is the perfect ticket and comes in less than $30.

The kit does come with a sheath that provides a clip for belt or IWB carry and slots for leg carry straps.

Whichever you prefer or need for the mission to ensure users’ quick accessibility.

The first edition of this blade was made popular seen on the tv show Survival Bros where fans claim it slices through plastic, aluminum, kelp, rope, jellyfish, and fiberglass.

Disclaimer: No jellyfish was hurt during our testing.

CRKT Keramin Compact Fixed Blade

CRKT Keramin Compact Fixed Blade

CRKT is not stranger to making extremely desirable knives.

This compact concealed carry fixed blade is not different.

This blade design is extreme with a needle sharp blade tip.

This is a compact knife so it does not allow for full grip with your whole hand as you can see from the picture.

The handles is a polished resin infused fiber handle material.

You can get your first couple fingers on the handle and the last two around the cord fob for extra grip while using.

It does come with a couple different options for carrying.

The sheath for around the neck carry is glass-reinforced nylon which is extremely durable.

CRKT made this minimalistic blade for versatility and comfort.

The price was not bad either.

Another blade coming in under $30 you can not complain about what you get with this package.

Tops Knives Mini Scandi Concealed Carry Neck Knife

Tops Knives Mini Scandi Concealed Carry Neck Knife

This is a limited edition knife made by TOPS.

This one has green canvas micarta scales combined with the black traction powder coating.

All around touch neck knife that is built for surviving any situation.

This was a group effort designed by law enforcement officers with Tops in the United States.

The overall length of this comes in just over 6″ with a 3″ blade length.

The blade is constructed of 1095 RC 56-58 steel which is one of the most popular types of metal for knife makers.

Disclaimer: Limited edition so stock might be limited.

Skallywag D2 Tool Steel Dagger

These concealed carry daggers were originally designed for people running and gunning downrange.

Since their creation and growing popularity, they have branched out to the civilian market.

That is a win for anyone not serving to own one of these amazing daggers.

The company proudly makes these inside the United States.

These are CNC milled from a billet of D2 Tool Steel for maximum toughness at high hardness.

Skallywag D2 Tool Steel Dagger

Not only do they look amazing they function even better.

The Dagger was designed to be a stabbing weapon to create distance between you and a bad guy.

The large and prominent ring at the top allows the blade to be a gross motor skill tool using one or two fingers to anchor your grip and is easily used with tactical gloves.

The conceal carry dagger does come with the single row molle sheath pictures above.

This dagger will ensure you get through any fight and get home safe without breaking the bank.

The price is a very reasonable price coming in under $160 for the kit.

Real Steel RSK Alieneck Concealed Carry Utility Fixed Blade Knife

Real Steel RSK Alieneck Concealed Carry Utility Fixed Blade Knife

This is very slick and minimal designed blade.

Features a skeletonized fixed blade that is suited for virtually every cutting job where needed.

The blade is made from 440C steel with an overall length of 6.75″.

The blade length itself is 3.00″ with a blade thickness of 0.14″.

Reel Steel did this design with a stonewash design which looks amazing.

The kit does come with a molded black Kydex neck sheath with a black nylon lanyard for you can conceal carry around the neck.

A very inexpensive price of $50 for the kit.


No matter the situation or the mission these blades will give you the added capability to get through it.

Most importantly, they will keep going as long as you can.

Any of these would be a great addition to your everyday carry load-outs or to simply through in a go-bag to be ready for anything.

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