The Best Priced & Rated Icefang Dedicated Tactical Dog Harness

An Icefang tactical dog harness can be a great tool in the training of your new K9 from a pup just learning how to walk on a lead or to a working K9 in the field.

The difference between these types of harness compared to the traditional harness is that tactical harnesses have a lot of other built-in features for the dog and the owner to utilize.

As a result, they are great for people needing a K9 working dog vest or a service dog vest.

Firstly, these tactical harnesses are usually built with the better tensile strength to be able to keep maximum control and positive control over your K9 in different situations.

Whether you are walking your dog in a crowd or out on a hiking trail when a wild animal comes into sight.

You want a tactical dog harness that you and your K9 can trust for that we recommend Icefang Dog Harness which in our opinion is one of the best on the market, especially for the price.

Why Use A Tactical Dog Harness

K9 wearing icefang tactical harness

The use of a harness is to prevent your k9 from getting tangled up in the leash and possibly hurt.

This is very apparent if you have a very small dog that can be prone to injury from pulling or tugging on the leash when they are not used to being on a lead.

A harness will disperse pressure over a larger area of his body more evenly, reducing strain on his neck and back during training or working K9s or strong dogs.

Here are some other key benefits from the use of a harness:

  • Harnesses offer better control of the K9
  • Extra protection to chest plate and the abdominal plate of the K9
  • A harness gives you much better control over the dog.
  • Harnesses discourage pulling.
  • A great solution for those who like to try and escape off their leads.
  • Has a molle system for attachment points for carrying items like medical kits for example.

Firstly, The number one downside of using a harness can be if they are not properly adjusted to the k9.

As a result, a good one will have adjustable straps needed to be able to custom fit different dog breeds and this one does that.

Proper adjustment to the harness will prevent the harness from causing discomfort to the dog or worse it could cause rubbing into the animal causing injuries to form.

Make sure when measuring you get the correct size to minimize this possibility.

Another benefit to using a harness that is sized properly is you can leave it on for longer minimizing the time it takes to get a K9 ready or hooking it up to a lead if need be.

Icefang Tactical Dog Harness

Top view of IceFang tactical harness

This company has one of the best quality tactical harnesses on the market.

Most importantly, they have made in some features to make your harness more of a utility that can be used if need be.

They have thought about what is needed in a dog harness and made a durable and well-constructed harness in multiple sizes.

The great thing about this company is they have different models that are varying in the price for anyone to be able to get a tactical harness for their K9 at a reasonable price.

Relevant Features


The tactical harness uses a nylon material and utilizes strong alloy metal buckles rated for 1000 lb proof-load tested on dog shoulder position which is where the most load-bearing point is when a dog is pulling.


The weight of the unit is very minimal weight. The box with the harness and packaging weighs around 1.5 pounds.

Which is insane for how well designed and tough the harness is.


Firstly, the stitching is Bartack and X style stitching in box pattern of each joint and load-bearing points which reinforces the areas that will take the most abuse or stress.

As a result, this will prevent the dog from being able to break or snap off the harness making it escape-proof.

It does have heavy duty buckles along with high-quality threads used in the straps.

Having high-quality buckles you can ensure complete control over strong dogs.

The harness also has two 1″ strips of molle paneling sewn onto both sides.

This allows your dog to carry the gear you or he might need while in

  • Training
  • Daily Walking
  • Adventure Hiking

Durable Handle

Very tough and durable sewn large enough to grab quickly.

Tough enough to assist in lifting your dog if needed.

Color Options

They do have multiple color options the most popular being a khaki color.

Besides the khaki color, they do offer black, ranger green, red, safety orange, and a wolf gray.

Useful Extra Features

Has hook and loop panels in the fronts and sides for identification of the K9 if you happen to have a service dog or working K9.

There are two D-ring hook points or V-ring one on the chest area and one at the base of the back of the neck for hooking leads for different situations.

Molle system paneling on the sides gives multiple options to carry gear.

It also comes with the Cobra quick-release buckles.

Icebang Tactical Dog Harness Sizing Chart

Icebang Tactical Dog Harness Sizing Chart
Size(A) Girth(B) Back(C)
Neck Base
Neck To Armpit
Between Armpits
Icebang Tactical Dog Harness Sizing Chart

Make sure you measure to get the correct size. 

Molle Attachments For The Vest

molle attachments for tactical vest

Not included with the vest.

These will give you some more options for individual components you can add to the vest for more utility.

This kit comes with three molle systems to attach to the best.

  1. EMT Bag
    • Has enough storage space with multiple pockets, slots, and elastic bands for easy storage of the first aid supplies.
  2. Waist Pack
    • Inner rubber waterproof layer, there is no problem for the tactical pouches to prevent splashing water. Two fastener strap on the back allows attached as detachable pouches.
  3. Water Bottle Holder
    • Top elastic rope and adjustable velcro strap to hold the container securely and firmly. Suitable for 500ml/16.9oz or other smaller size water bottles.

Common Questions

Does this harness come with Molle Pouches?

No, this is just for itself and does not come with these pouches.

Does this harness have leash point attachments?

Yes, it has two on the harness itself to be able to hook to.

Is this type of harness good for normal walking?

Yes, if your dog is already trained to walk on a lead this is a great type of harness for normal walking.

Is this tactical vest good for medium size breeds?

Yes, this tactical vest is great for small, to medium size dogs to large dogs.


This is a great quality well-built harness for your K9.

Not only will he/she be secure and safe the tactical vest can hold much-needed items.

The molle system gives a lot of great options for you to add the kit for your mission.

Get this great quality harness for your K9 click here!

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