DO NOT GET SCAMMED- Lancaster Tactical Supply

All the current bad business practices being done by Lancaster Tactical Supply have left hundreds of customers looking for refunds on products they never received.

Worst of all they probably will not receive them and have a hard time getting their refunds on these sales.

I have read through countless numbers of reviews that have been left by these customers over the past handful of months.

In this article, I wanted to give an alternative to a reputable company that will not leave you with money and your firearm products.

I just like most others in the community hates to see this type of thing happen to a lot of customers in the community.

For people who may not know what exactly I’m talking about here is just some of it before I listed the alternatives.

Lancaster Tactical Supply (Scam Alert)

In the past year, they have been accepting people’s money on their website for products they are not delivering to the customers.

The worst part of this all besides people who have already lost money the companies site is still up and fully functioning allowing for even more people to be scammed.

The company says it was newly started this year and all products are still showing in stock allowing people to purchase.

Hundreds of people are turning to the Better Business Bureau to file complaints but this alone is not stopping the “company” from accepting any new orders coming in.

The Money Taken From Customers

Just scrolling through the first page listed on the BBB I totaled all sales up just on the first page of complaints.

Roughly $5,000 just on the first page of the BBB. (source)

These are orders the site allowed but products were not sent out or received by the company.

A screenshot of email correspondence between a customer and the “owner of this website” can be found below.

Going by the name Miles Kirkpatrick claiming to be a Master Sergeant from South Carolina.

Always Buy From Reputable Companies

Trust me I get it.

In the times we have been going through for the past couple of years items fly off the shelves at suppliers and manufacturer warehouses.

You have to ask yourself one question though.

If the top companies in the United States like the ones we listed below do not have the items what is the chance a no-name company has them?

That is the issue I think a lot of customers found themselves in.

Everything is out of stock which does not stop people from finding someone who possibly has the items in stock.

This is what leads a lot of people to this pop-up website set up to funnel money from people itching to get these items.

I could not find one person in our research that actually got the products they paid for.

Which led me to this article in hopes of steering more potential people from getting scammed out of money.


Brownells is one of the most widely known companies for all shooting needs.

The company was established in 1939 and I would dare to say you would not be able to find a company that has been in the business as long as they have.

They have an excellent track record for their vast inventory of everything shooting and hunting related.

Most importantly they have the best customer service due to being around for as long as they have.

Founded by Bob Brownell on three pillars of business.

  • Selection
  • Service
  • and Satisfaction.

More than 80 years in business coming up in 2021 and they have not swayed on the business’s core pillars.

These are just some of the reasons why Brownells is one of the best alternatives to Lancaster Tactical Supply.

Products and Services they offer.

  • Factory parts from fifteen of the industry’s leading firearms manufacturers
  • Rifle, shotgun, and handgun parts, tools & accessories
  • Bluing & refinishing materials
  • Books, videos, & references
  • Sights, scopes, & mounts
  • And much more

The companies selection is probably the vastest including over 90,000 gun parts, tools, and supplies.


Palmetto State Armory

Another great alternative to Lancaster Tactical Supply is Palmetto State Armory!

Since 2008 Palmetto State Armory has taken the gun community by storm by focusing on the best quality parts and accessories at the best prices.

With a commitment to “Freedom before Profits” and the idea to “sell as many guns to as many law-abiding Americas as possible” you have to love them.

They stand by all the products they sell on their website which since their inception has grown vastly.

Along with that, they offer a 100% Lifetime Warranty that extends beyond the original purchaser.

They truly do want the person who bought a product from them to have the best price with excellent customer service backing all of them.

Products they offer

  • Their own line of Palmetto State Armory items
  • Ammo
  • AR-15 uppers, lower, complete rifles, and kits.
  • AR-10 uppers, lower, complete rifles, and kits.
  • Guns. Lot of them
  • Gun parts
  • Optics
  • Accessories

They are also one of the only companies I can think of in this industry that made popular their “Daily Deals” section.

In this section you can find all kinds of things you may have already had your eye on and like the names states they change daily.

To check these deals out you can follow the link below.

Faxon Firearms

A company that was started in 2012 Faxon Firearms engineers and manufactures complete upper receivers that will fit any mil-spec AR/15 lower platform.

In their time manufacturing parts for firearms they have been intensely focused on providing a new and innovative upper that will set the standard for the rest of the industry.

Since their first getting into the market to solve problems they saw with the AR-15 they have branched out into other firearm products.

Some of these products include parts for Glock which is widely the most popular pistol on the market and has been for years.

Their parts include

  • Barrels
    • For Glock
    • For Sig P320
    • For Smith & Wesson
  • Slides
    • For Glock
    • For Smith & Wesson
  • Mag wells
  • Magazine Extensions

These are just some of the many things they create for the firearm and shooting community.

I would dare to say they are already working on new and more innovating products to release in the future.

To see some of their products or services they offer you can click below to check their website out.


I hope in this article someone comes across it this article and it saves them the money and the hassle of getting scammed before it happens.

I know this is not something that normally happens because most people go with reputable companies that are trusted in the industry.

If you came across this article please share far and wide for we can prevent even more people from getting scammed out of their hard earned money.

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