Benefits You Need From Your Badass Military Apocalyptic Survival Kits

If you are in a survival situation you want to make sure you have everything you need in your military survival kits.

The last time you want to be missing something in your kit is when you actually need it.

No matter if you are prepping for a bug-out.

Where life and death are possible you do not need to be thinking twice about having the tools and your personal needs taken care of.

In this article, we will go over these needs and how they can be addressed for you and your family.

Basic Survival Needs

Basic Survival Needs
Basic Survival Needs

We all have the bare essential things we need at the basic level.

I know in the times we live in now some people think they need a cellphone to survive.

Or they do not know how to live without the latest thing trending on NetFlix.

This article will not be for you if you think that.

This is for the core things we need in any scenario and must be thought about when buying a premade kit or when making your own.


Air is essential I do not think we have to go too deep on this section.

The one thing I will say is that the better quality air you can get the better.

If you are buying a premade kit or making your own make sure at the bare minimum it comes with a mask for you and all members of your family.

You need something for the purification of your air.

You can opt for a simple mask or gas mask depending on what you are prepping for.

One gas mask I recommend for purification of your air is the PT-100 full-face gas mask it is ASTM tested and comes with a 1-year full manufacturer warranty.


Find a water source!

This plays many important roles in the body including flushing waste from the body, regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients, and is necessary for digestion.

It can be stored for roughly 6 months.

If you are storing in plastic make sure to replace it when the plastic becomes cloudy, discolored, scratched, or scuffed.

For purification you should include:

Make sure when buying kits or building them that you have plenty of extras depending on your family size or group size.


Cooking food on fire with Aluminum Foil
Cooking food on fire with Aluminum Foil

Generally, a good rule of thumb for surviving without any food can be done 30-40 days, as long as they are properly hydrated.

I do not know about anyone else but 30 days is a long time and would be advised you to think about this while prepping or buying premade survival kits.

I experimented one year trying to go one complete week without any food.

It becomes easier after day 2 or 3 but by the end of the week, I could smell Mcdonald’s fries a mile away.

This is not recommended to do so try at your own risk.

Severe symptoms of starvation begin around 35-40 days, and as highlighted by the hunger strikers of the Maze Prison in Belfast in the 1980s, death can occur at around 45 to 61 days. (source)

At a bare minimum, your survival kits should include some form of food or nutritional calorie bars along with snares to catch animals and fishing kits.

You can find a lot of these fishing kits and snare wires in a pocket survival kit.


survival shelter

You can not survive for long without food, water, sleep, or air.

Experts apply the “rule of threes” to lasting without essentials.

You can go for about three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter, and three minutes without air.

The cover is a safeguard is a pretty high priority as you can see from the above.

Trust me when it comes to this in harsh weather them 3 hours without cover will feel like 24 or more.

At a minimum, the equipment that is in your premade kits needs to help in assisting with things to help build a make-shift cover or help you acquire one in some fashion.

This includes having something to trap body heat like a space blanket or sleeping bag.

Does not matter what the cover is.

Could easily be an abandoned shed, barn, old car in a junkyard.

Anything to maximize your ability to survive from the elements.


Having the proper clothing
Having the proper clothing

Clothing will be another high priority depending on what type of elements you will be coming into contact with.

According to when hypothermia sets in, a person will begin shivering, and most people have movement problems, such as stumbling, slowing down, and poor coordination.

People affected by hypothermia will also appear dazed, disoriented, or confused, and may have slurred speech or act as though they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Hypothermia is absolutely nothing to mess with.

It can quickly hospitalize you at best which has happened to be once in my life.

At worst we all know what will happen!


Winter rescue
Winter rescue

Tying in the above starting fire comes into play when trying to prevent hypothermia.

If hypothermia becomes severe, respiration and heart rates can slow to dangerous levels — people can lose consciousness and may eventually die at worst.

At best they end up in the hospital.

But before losing consciousness, people suffering from hypothermia have been known to exhibit some bizarre behaviors that may, in fact, be a last-ditch effort to survive.

It’s well-known that warm-blooded hibernating animals will often dig or burrow into a small, enclosed den to spend the winter.

The tight quarters surrounding their bodies can help to minimize heat loss. (source)

Most kits come with a magnesium fire starter to start fires for warmth or for food preparation.

At a bare minimum, you should have tinder and survival matches.



The comfort you will get from all the above items being taken care of will allow you to get some much-needed sleep.

The longest recorded time without sleep is approximately 264 hours or just over 11 consecutive days.

Although it’s unclear exactly how long humans can survive without sleep, it isn’t long before the effects of sleep deprivation start to show.

After only three or four nights without sleep, you can start to hallucinate. (source)

There is a reason why going through boot camp they use this tactic on recruits.

When in sleep-deprived conditions recruits perform mission-critical tasks and sometimes life dangering scenarios.

When lack of sleep is entered into the mix you and your body will fall back on its own instincts.

These conditions sharpen their instincts to perform at the level needed for the job.

If you are not training like a recruit to make this kind of activity second nature just stick with making sure you get the proper rest needed!

Most importantly, your survival kits should have things to add you to a more comfortable sleep.


Defensive carry knife with your military survival kits
Defensive carry knife with your military survival kits

Self-preservation is a behavior or set of behaviors that ensure the survivability of an organism.

This is a natural defense mechanism we all have built-in.

Having the proper tools to defend yourself and your family with proper training will set your mind at ease.

Your survival kit should have tools at your disposal to help defend yourself.

Whether that be a knife or a firearm.

If the kit does not have the knife you feel you need for proper defense you should acquire them.

These kits are most likely already equipt with other tools that can have double use for weapons or something to defend yourself with.

Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid
Basic First Aid Kit

Everyone should know some basic first aid techniques and items to successfully render first aid.

This could mean the difference between someone surviving until they make it to professionals or not.

Training your brain before you find yourself in high-pressure tasks may help you save a life or potentially help someone in pain.

There are three basic C’s to remember—check, call, and care.

When it comes to a first aid kit and medical supplies, there are three P’s to remember—preserve life, prevent deterioration, and promote recovery.

No survival kit should be without a first aid kit along with ways to call for help with a whistle, or reflective signaling your location.

These things aid in people hearing or signaling your location for they can come to your aid.


Make sure your military survival kits have what you need
Have security know you have what you need!

If you have bought a premade survival or have multiple bug-out bags that takes care of all the things listed above you will likely survive and live to fight another day.

Most importantly, having all the things listed above will make it a lot easier to keep going and not to give up.

Stopping in the middle of a survival or bug-out situation might come into people’s minds when they do not believe they have the proper tools they need to keep going.

Stack the cards in your favor and make sure that does not happen and you keep going!

Let’s talk about how we can make that happen successfully!

Premade Kits vs Building Your Own

Before thinking about buying a premade survival kit or making your own you need to make sure the items listed above are addressed.

The kit your thinking about buying does not have to address every issue as long as you make considerations about how you are going to make sure the survival need is taken care of.

LifeShield has put together one of the most extensive kits that I have ever found that addresses most of everything you will need.

Minus it does not come with a rifle it will get you through most of anything I would need to survive.

LifeShield Premade Bug Out Bag Backpack w/ 6 Military Survival Kits

LifeShield Premade Bug Out Bag Backpack w/ 6 Survival Kits

This is a survival kit is a blessing for people who may not have the time to build yourself.

They have a very reasonable price considering the number of survival items you get.

This premade bug out bag was made specifically for preppers and survivalists by LifeShield and Survival Frog.

If you want to survive and want a kit made for you click here! 

Like I mentioned above it is one of the most comprehensive kits stuffed with high-end survival gear giving you peace of mind during survival scenarios.

Shelter, sustenance, self-defense, and more survival needs are met by the supplies included in this premade kit, and it weighs less than 15 lbs.

If you want to skip the headaches involved with trying to build the perfect survival kit then this bug out bag is perfect for you.

This will instantly gain you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are prepared for almost any crisis.

The Kit Contains

LifeShield Premade Bug Out Bag w/ 6 Military Survival Kits
Contents of kits
  1. One LifeShield Bug-Out Pack by Frog & Co.
  2. Warmth & Outdoor Shelter Kit – (Kit #1)
    • Two 20-Hour Body WarmersOne Two-Person Tube Tent
    • One Poncho
    • One Survival Frog Tact Bivvy® in Rescue Orange or Camouflage Green
  3. Emergency Food & Water Kit – (Kit #2)
    • Two 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Rations
    • One LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
    • Two Water Pouches (4.22 oz each)
  4. Mess Kit by Survival Frog – (Kit #3)
    • One P-38 Can Opener
    • One Set of 20 Waterproof Matches 
    • One Survival Frog Pocket Stove with 6 Fire-Starting Fuel Tablets
    • One Spork Utensil
    • One Stainless Steel Camping Cup with Folding Handles
  5. Emergency Light & Communications Kit – (Kit #4)
    • One Glowstick
    • One Battery Powered Kaito KA208 palm-sized AM/FM Emergency Radio
    • One Emergency Candle (5″ height)
    • One Battery Powered LED Mini Tact Flashlight
    • One Scream Emergency Whistle
    • One Set of 20 Fire-Starting Waterproof Matches
  6. Disaster Survival Essentials Kit with Neck Knife – (Kit #5)
    • One Digger Shovel
    • One Stainless Steel 11-in-1 Multi-Tool with Sheath
    • One Parachute Cord Survival Kit
    • One Flint & Steel Fire Starter
    • One Survival Neck Blade and Sheath
    • One Fire-Starting WetFire Tinder 5 Pack
  7. First Aid Kit – (Kit #6)
    • One Pack of 20 Safety Masks
    • Fourteen Radiation Blockers
    • One Compact First Aid Kit


Mission number one in any survival or bug out situation is to survive!

Making sure you have all these needs listed in this article will almost guarantee your survival.

Likewise missing or forgetting to consider these things will make a very very bad day, week, or months for you and your family!

If you would like to purchase this premade military survival kit you can do so by clicking here!

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