Tactical Companies

This will be an updated listed of some of the best tactical and survival companies on the market.

When it comes to gear you need and survival situations you want to have the best at all cost.

All these companies have extensive history in the tactical and survival industry with great reputations!

BattleBox Tactical & Survival Company

BattleBox was created in 2010 and is a monthly subscription service delivering handpicked survival, camping/tracking and EDC gear.

They buy in large wholesale quantities that allow the boxes to carry an MSRP of up to double the retail cost.

The survival, tactical, and prepping space needed a subscription box service that taloirs to the needs and demands of people in this space.

All tactical and survival gear is tested and put through the ringer to see if it meets criteria to be supplied to customers.

If you like getting new tactical and survival gear but do not have time to go through the internet to find the items then this is a perfect solution for you!

Spartan Armor Systems

This tactical company focuses on high quality ballistic body armor.

Since 2012, Spartan Armor Systems has been a leader in high-quality ballistic body armor and tactical gear.

Their mission is to provide First Responders and Citizens with the affordable and reliable body armor that they deserve.

They offer a wide selection of

  • Body armor
  • Plate carriers
  • Steel targets
  • Medkits at very competitive prices.

Spartan Armor Systems specializes in NIJ 0101.06 Certified & Compliant body armor, offering Level IIIA, Level III, Level III+ and Level IV threat protection.

They are also best known for their Spartan AR550, AR500 Omega, and AR650 Armaply steel core body armor with our proprietary Encapsaloc fragmentation mitigation coating.

Lone Wolf Distributors

Founded in 1998, Lone Wolf Distributors has easily established itself as the leading Glock pistol accessory supplier.

Their quality starts with mill run quantities of raw materials.

Their in-house engineers utilize CAD design exploiting exacting CNC tolerance control at all manufacturing levels.

They have a very dynamic website displays real-time, accurate inventory control allowing the vast majority of orders to process and ship the same day.

For these reasons, Lone Wolf Distributors has unquestionably recognized as one of the best sources for reasonably priced, premium replacement parts for your Glock pistols!

Aero Precision

Aero Precision is an industry-leading manufacturer of quality AR15 & AR10 parts and accessories.

They have expertise in upper and lower receivers.

They also manufacture and sell

  • Complete rifles
  • Handguards
  • Barrels
  • Scope mounts
  • Spare parts
  • And more.

Their roots are in the aerospace industry and that shows through superior engineering and manufacturing that is second to none.

Aero Precision is one of the most popular companies for building and selling tactical accessories for the AR platform rifle.

Most importantly, for anyone starting out with building your own rifle they have a knowledge center full of topics and videos on picking your parts along with building your first rifle.

Tactical Distributors

Tactical Distributors is a well known online Tactical Retailer that carries infamous brands such as:

  • Salomon
  • Arc’Teryx
  • Kelty
  • Oakley Elite
  • Under Armour and many more!

They are located in Virginia Beach and believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!

This become very apparent when you visit their website.

They have products for

Tactical Gear

  • Body Armor
  • Weapons Accessories
  • Holsters & Accessories
  • Knives & Tools
  • Lighting
  • First Aid
  • Hydration
  • Ear Pro

They are much more than a tactical company that sells just apparel. They also have

  • Footwear
  • Every day carry items
  • Bags and cases
  • Backpack
  • Travel gear
  • Gun Bag and cases
  • Pouches and accessories
  • Headwear
  • Morale patches
  • Their own branded gear
  • Tebogo’s
  • Face masks

Along with all that they do offer group purchases to bring the price down for military and individuals in the government sector.

They only have top of the line gear that you if in a tactical or survival situation you know you have the odds stacked in your favor with their selection of gear.

They are one of my favorite tactical companies because they are always trying to push the bar higher for tactical gear that customers buy.

They test everything extensively and make improvements anywhere they can.


Leading supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts, and Gunsmithing Tools.

If you like to shoot, work on guns as a business or hobby, or just own a gun, this is the place for you!

For over 75 years, shooters, professional gunsmiths, hobbyists, military/law enforcement armorers, and gun tinkerers have turned to Brownells for high-quality gun parts and supplies they need.

You’ll find over 90,000 products including

  • Unique gun parts
  • Accessories
  • Gunsmithing tools
  • Ammunition
  • Other products to maintain, repair and upgrade your guns.

GUARANTEED. FOREVER. They carry high-quality products and back them with the industry’s strongest guarantee.

If you buy a product from them and decide you don’t need it, don’t want it, or just didn’t like it, They’ll take it back at any time…with very few exceptions.

Nevertheless it is one of the go to websites for even the smallest of parts for your weapons.

Faxon Firearms

Faxon Firearms is an original manufacturer of premium rifle, pistol, and shotgun barrels.

They are not a “small” shop or new company.

Faxon has over 37 years of manufacturing expertise across the hardest and most precise parts the world has seen.

Believe it or not, they have parts on Mars (NASA), on aircraft (Boeing and Air Force), and in the deepest depths in seas.

Leveraging this experience, they have continued to expand into bolts, carriers, receivers, and other parts with new machines coming online regularly.

They sell and manufacture the below items.

  • Barrels
    • For Glock
    • For Sig P320
    • For Smith & Wesson
  • Slides
    • For Glock
    • For Smith & Wesson
  • AR-15 in Calibers
    • .223 Wylde
    • 224 Valkyrie
    • 350 Legend
    • 6.5 Grendel
    • 5.56 NATO / .223 Remington
    • .300 Blackout
    • Pistol Caliber Carbine
    • 458 Socom/450 Bushmaster
    • 7.62×39 Russian
  • AR-10 (LR-308) in Calibers
    • .308 Winchester
    • 6.5 Creedmoor

RE Factor Tactical Company

RE Factor Tactical company has a goal to create high quality, niche products that fill the industry gap.

They make a wide variety of items from apparel and sewn goods to survival gear and shooting paper targets.

The company has a strong social media network and web presence makes us a recognizable and trusted brand among industry professionals.

Some of the tactical gear and kits they offer

  • Holsters
    • Leather Wing Holster
    • Mini Leather Wing Holster
    • Radio Holster
    • Modular Accessory Pouch
  • Commo Gear
    • Antenna Mast
  • Survival Gear
    • Kevlar Cord
    • Handcuff
  • Medical Gear
    • Trauma Tape
    • Tourniquet Holder
    • Rapid Deployment Tourniquet Holder
    • Drive-By Kit
  • Bags
    • ASO Bag
    • Enhanced Kit Bag
    • Aggressor
  • Slings
    • Slingster
  • Tactical Gear
    • Magazine Pouch
    • Chest Rig
    • Molle Panel Front Flap
    • Triple Shingle M4 Pouch

EMP Shield

EMP Shield produces military tested electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection that is now available to the civilian marketplace.

This is a tactical company that most people only think of when prepping and or making sure your home base is survival ready.

EMP defense technology comes in various models to protect

  • Home
  • Vehicles
  • Businesses
  • Solar systems
  • Generators
  • Radio equipment
  • Network equipment, and more.

Besides protection from an EMP, their devices provide 100% guaranteed protection from lighting, is backed with an industry-leading 10-year warranty and is priced much lower than competitive lightning protection systems. EMP Shield also protects against lightning.

EMP Shields knowledgeable staff provide outstanding support before and after the sale.

Gorilla Ammunition

They manufacture and sell high-quality ammunition, firearms, and firearm components.

They also provide customers with a modern shopping experience where they can find many different products to suit their firearm and ammunition needs and are specifically designed to maximize conversions.

They stop it nothing to have some of the best ammunition on the market with some of the toughest quality checks in the ammunition market.

Gorilla Ammunition also has a LE/Mil discount for anyone to help out with getting as much training done as possible with a discount.

Gorilla Ammunition manufactures ammunition for:

  • Training
  • Target shooting
  • Hunting
  • Self-defense in many popular calibers.

GunMag Warehouse

GunMag Warehouse is an online destination striving to provide the best possible shopping experience for new and veteran shooters alike.

This tactical company was founded in 2012 with the simple goal of keeping every magazine currently in production, in-stock, and ready to ship.

If you’re looking for a magazine for your firearms they will likely have it and the best price online for it!

If you are looking for firearm cleaning kits they have them to.

Other items they keep in stock are

  1. Optics
    • Red Dot SightsGun Care
    • Tools
    • Cleaning Kits
  2. Range Gear
    • Magazine Pouches
    • Loaders
  3. Lights & Lasers
    • Lasers
    • Weapon LightsGun Parts
    • Grips

Survival Frog

This tactical and survival company is the largest and most trusted online source for survival and preparedness products.

Since 2009, Survival Frog has evolved into the industry leader in preparedness, camping, and survival gear sold online.

Over 500 products hand-selected to appeal to beginners and experts alike.

  1.  Survival Gear
    • FROG & CO. BRAND
    • Masks (PPE)
    • Survival tools
    • Warmth and Shelter
    • Lighting
    • Power Sources
    • Personal safety items
    • Firestarters
    • Knives
    • Waterproof items
    • Bags and packs
    • And Much More!

Access to the most advanced tactical and survival gear at affordable prices allows shoppers to research and purchase a complete supply of survival essentials in one location.

Trusted brands like LifeStraw, Petzl, Mountain House, and BioLite will ensure your survival supplies perform when you need them.

“Preparing Made Easy” is Survival Frog’s motto, and your shopping experience and customer support will prove that being prepared doesn’t have to be difficult.

LA Police Gear

Out of all the tactical companies they are the online leader for

  • Police duty gear
  • Tactical gear
  • Military equipment
  • Outdoor equipment needs.

LA Police Gear carries a huge selection of everyday carry, CCW, prepper, disaster, and survival gear too.

They also have a huge selection of tactical apparel from top brands and their own LA Police brand.

Their inventory is huge and continues to grow every year!

Do not let the name scare you away.

They sell to civilians on missions as well!

Palmetto State Armory

They are an American firearms manufacturer and retailer based in Columbia, SC.

Founded in 2008, Palmetto State Armory offers the best price, value, & selection for

  • Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR)
  • AR Build Kits, Ammunition Magazines
  • Handguns, Optics
  • Accessories & other shooting gear

There is no explanation why they have grown the way they have in these years.

Palmetto State Armory is the only gun manufacturer that builds and assembles (from steel to assembly) 100% of the product in the U.S. and will always continue to offer a Lifetime Warranty for all PSA products.

Palmetto State Armory also provides incentives such as exclusive product bundles, aggressively priced daily deals, manufacturer rebates, and national promotions.


Propper has made tactical gear with a purpose for over 50 years since its first U.S. Navy contract in 1967.

Today, Propper designs and manufactures professional level tactical apparel and gear for

  • Military
  • Law enforcement
  • Public safety professionals
  • Civilians, whether in the service, on the job, or off for the weekend.

They sale a wide variety of gear for both men and women including

  • Tactical Gloves
  • Eyewear
  • Flashlights
  • Knives & Multi-Tools
  • Belts
  • Hats
  • Other Accessories
  • Tactical Armor
  • Active Shooter
  • Armor Helmets
  • Armor Accessories

This tactical company sells anything you will need built tough and built for a purpose.

Successfully getting through any situation you find yourself in!

SOG Knives and Tools

Based in Lynwood, Washington, SOG Knives has 34 years of experience building the best situation ready gear for professionals, adventurers, and everyday users.

SOG provides mission-centric solutions designed to enhance the capabilities of human potential, no matter the situation.

Drawn from studying user insights, our product systems confidently embrace adversity, turn obstacles into opportunities, and push us in our pursuit of greater potential.

SOG’s product assortment includes

  • Knives
  • Multi-tools
  • Packs
  • Lights
  • and all kinds of other survival and tactical gear.

ATN – Maker of Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

ATN tactical company is revolutionizing the optics market.

They are the leading manufacturer and developer of Night Vision & Thermal Imaging optics that provides vivid picture quality, user-friendly features and capabilities that will sight your scope in one shot, range you in quickly with its internal Ballistic Calculator, and Recoil Activated Video that lets you record your outdoor adventures.

They have a great selection of rifle scopes with thermal imagery or night vision along with binoculars.

If you are looking to be a reaper in the night that will not break the bank look no further than ATN.

End Of Our List

Check back to this section as we update our list with even more of the best tactical companies to support.