APPROVED BADASS & Best Shellback Tactical Plate Carriers

If you are looking for Shellback Tactical Plate Carriers you must be getting ready for a mission.

So, what is it this time?

A night out in the wilderness?

A rescue operation that you got wind of through the neighborhood watch?

An intense game of paintball that will make you the reigning champion in your office?

You are probably imagining yourself as Tom Hardy in This Means War.
Go in hard.

Kick the shit out of a couple of 15-year-olds and grab the flag.

What do all these scenarios have in common?

The gear that you need to wear to make the mission a success if it’s annihilating teenagers in paintball!

We are talking about tactical plate carriers.

To present you with the best of the best plate carriers for tactical advantage, we have made a list of our top picks.

Fair warning ― we have many favorites and most of them belong to Shellback Tactical plate carriers.

To help you compare their tactical plate carriers with others, we have also listed each one’s features and the pros and cons of each of them.

First, let’s take a look at what a tactical plate carrier is and how you should go about choosing one.

What Is a Tactical Plate Carrier?

Tactical Plate Carrier

A tactical plate carrier refers to a vest, which carries bullet-resistant armor plates and other tactical gear.

Think of it as a “chest rig,” which is designed to take a simple vest up a notch in safety.

There are plenty of vest designs, which differ in the number of pockets and their sizes.

Depending on your mission, your choice of the vest should be focused on how much tactical gear it can hold.

This is one of the reasons that makes plate carriers so popular.

For military personnel, these vests are considered the best self-defense upgrade in life-threatening situations.

Shellback Tactical plate carriers offer assistance in three critical missions:

  • Stop Holes
    • (Protection with the armor plates)
  • Plug Holes
    • (Ability to carry first aid kits on missions)
  • Make Holes
    • (Space to store magazines for your guns)

These 3 functions correspond to the 3 main components of the tactical kit:

  • A Tactical Vest
  • Body Armor Plates
  • A Cummerbund

Following are the three components explained in detail:

Tactical Vest

A tactical vest comes with front and back panels that you can easily wear like a shirt.

The pockets and panels have MOLLE webbing, which makes it durable and offers easy access to the gear.


This is the vest’s belt that keeps the vest tight from the bottom, around your belly. The belt is made of elastic material that helps give you a snug fit.

With MOLLE webbing in the cummerbund, you can attach more storage options to it.

Body Armor Plates

These are the plates that put the tactical in the tactical plate carrier vests.

The plates cover your vital organs and stop you from getting severely injured.

Tactical Plate Carriers vs. Soft Body Armor

police tactical plate carrier

When it comes to these two types of body armor, the biggest difference between them is the level of protection they offer.

Soft body armor stops small-caliber bullets like the 9mm.

On the other hand, a tactical carrier plate can withstand multiple rounds of different caliber bullets from handguns as well as rifles.

Level of Protection

Plate carriers are specifically made to stop ballistic rounds.

This is why such vests are referred to as bulletproof tactical plate carriers.

These vests are not only purchased by military, law enforcement.

They can also be purchased by every day citizens or preppers looking for survival gear.

On the other hand, soft vests are much lighter, concealable, and also bulletproof but they don’t have high stopping power.

As for a multi-functional vest, they offer the best of both worlds. They are bulletproof and quite great at stopping bullets.

However, they don’t have pockets for holding plates.


When choosing a tactical plate carrier vest based on its stopping power, you need to know what bullet round it can take.

Here are the different levels of stopping power of vests classified by guns:

Handgun Calibers

tactical plate carrier that block pistol calibers
Pistol Caliber Protection
  1. Level II
    • Works great against .357 and 9mm magnum ammunition that comes from short barrel handguns
  2. Level IIA
    • Works great against .40 to 9mm ammunition that comes from short barrel handguns
  3. Level IIIA
    • Works great against .44 and .357 magnum ammunition that comes from long barrel handguns

*None of these are effective against rifles.

Rifle Calibers

Rifle Caliber Protection
Rifle Caliber Protection
  1. Level III
    • Works great against 7.62 FMJ core ammunition
  2. Level IV
    • Works great against .30cal steel and can take armor-piercing rounds

The Best Shellback Tactical Plate Carriers

Our top picks of today are the tactical plate carriers by Shellback. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones this brand has to offer.

Shellback Tactical Plate Carriers Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier

Shellback Tactical Plate Carriers Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier
Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier

Starting with the most basic one, the Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier is a common, battle-tested plate carrier worn by first responders, law enforcement, and military personnel.

It is packed with plenty of features that offer you all-round protection.

The interior body and the shoulder pads of the plate carrier are made with 3D mesh spacer padding, as a result, this offers unparalleled ventilation and comfort.

The back and front of the shoulders are made of Hypalon that offers easy access for routing comms wires and buckles.

The front has an integrated zipper pouch for storing small items, notebooks, and tools in the event that you need them quickly.

The cummerbund is adjustable and has 6 integrated pockets that can hold M4 magazines.


  • Constructed of hard-wearing 500 denier nylon
  • Integrated zipper pouch on the chest 
  • Pockets can be loaded with plates from the bottom. They can hold 10 x 12 plates 
  • 3D Mesh padding offers comfort by making the vest breathable, which keeps you cool and allows air
  • Extreme adaptability with PALS webbing, which covers the shoulders, back, and front of the vest
  • Hypalon shoulder straps can be used for weaving hydration tubes and radio wires
  • Heavy-duty bars attached at main stress points that offer durability
  • Rear drag handle secures with loop and hook and stays flat
  • Removable cummerbund with exterior and interior PALS for attaching things to the side plate
  • Quick-release shoulder buckles on shoulders for easy off and on access 
  • Cummerbund includes six integrated pockets that have bungee retention for radios and magazines
  • Cummerbund accepts soft armor inserts of 13.75″ x 5.5″
  • Built-in hydration pocket in the rear that accepts common bladder sizes
  • Integrated vertical nylon strips that accommodate QASM buckles
  • TAA and GSA compliant
  • Two loop areas on the rear and front for id place cards


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable cummerbund, which makes the plate carrier fit all sizes
  • The seams are quadruple stitched in place, which makes them extremely durable
  • Quite affordable
  • The shoulder padding is very thick, which makes it comfortable


  • People with large shoulders may not have adequate padding
  • The cummerbund sometimes slips to one side
  • The inner cummerbund is hard to adjust due to the snug fit.

Still one of if not the best on the market!

Shellback Tactical Plate Carrier Banshee 2.0 Active Shooter Kit With Level IV Plates

Shellback Tactical Plate Carrier Banshee 2.0 Active Shooter Kit With Level IV Plates
Shellback Tactical Banshee 2.0 with plates

This bulletproof tactical plate carrier is a lot more advanced than the basic Shellback carrier plate.

It come with two hard armor Level IV plates.

The word “Prevail” will tell you that this vest offers a high level of safety and protection in any kind of situation.

This plate carrier is made of 500 Denier Nylon and is susceptible to very slight abrasion.

The plates in Shellback Tactical Banshee 2.0 Active Shooter Kit can take multi-hit rounded.

They can withstand the following rounds:

  • 223 REM: 3 Rounds 
  • M2AP: 3 Rounds 
  • M43 MSC PS: 3 Rounds 
  • M80 Ball (Steel): 3 Rounds 
  • M855 Ball: 3 Rounds  

The plate’s thickness is 0.95″ and the fact that it can withstand multiple rounds is what makes it so much more superior to other tactical plate carriers.

The stopping power of this plate can withstand the following guns:

  • .357 SIG FMJ
  • 9MM
  • .38
  • 40S&W
  • .45 ACP
  • .223 BALL
  • 5.56 X 45
  • 7.62 X 39 BALL
  • 7.62 X 51 M80 NATO
  • M855/SS109
  • 7.62 X 63 M2AP


  • Constructed of hard-wearing 500 Cordura nylon
  • Rear and front plate pockets that can hold SAPI ballistic plates or 10″ x 12″ shooter
  • Laser-cut MOLLE system on the cummerbund, front, and rear that helps you accessorize with pockets
  • Loop panels made with laser-cut MOLLE on the rear and front for ID cards
  • Cummerbund includes six integrated pockets that have bungee retention for radios and magazines
  • 3D mesh spaces padding on the rear, front, and shoulder for comfort
  • Rear drag handle
  • Made of MOLLE placard, which is removable
  • Cummerbund accepts soft armor inserts  of 13.75″ x 5.5″
  • Heavy-duty bars attached at main stress points that offer durability
  • Level IV Model 4S17 Plate: NIJ 0101.06 Certified, NIJ threat level IV, ceramic face and composite backing, 1000 denier Cordura nylon exterior cover, constructed of the ceramic face with a composite backing 


  • Lifetime warranty for the vest
  • 10-year ballistic warranty
  • Made in the US and is Berry compliant
  • DEA Compliant
  • Double the price of Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 Plate Carrier but offers triple the features
  • Extra padding that offers high comfort and ability to withstand multiple rounds from the same guns


  • The plates can be attached from underneath, which offers easy access but increases the chances of them falling out
  • Offers an uncomfortable fit for people with larger frames

Offers better protection with plates included.

ComparableTactical Plate Carriers

LBT 60394 G3 Modular Plate Carrier

LBT 60394 G3 Modular Plate Carrier
LBT 60394 G3 Modular Plate Carrier

If you are looking for a lightweight tactical plate carrier you will love the LBT 6094 G3 Modular Plate Carrier.

Manufactured with hard-wearing 500 denier Dupont Cordura fabric, the vest is extremely durable.

Even with the endless abuse vests take in the field, this plate carrier will last more years, which makes it great for people in law enforcement, military, or civilians.

What makes this vest so comfortable is that the straps sit comfortably on the shoulder.

This prevents them from sliding forward while it’s loaded with your plates.


  • Modular web attachments on the vest, which provide maximum versatility
  • Quick-release tabs that allow you to remove the plates easily from the front and back
  • Side, front, and backplate compatible
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • Concealable rear adjustment.
  • The elastic panels offer ease of movement and comfort
  • Hydration, wire, or antenna hose guides
  • Coupled with Padded shoulder straps
  • Spine plate sleeve
  • The centered front pouch offers easy access to magazines, maps, and utility gear
  • Interior side pouches for radio in the event that you need one.
  • Interior loop and hook attachment points for collar and shoulder


  • Along with the padded shoulder straps, the vest also has additional removable pads that wrap around the body. This offers extra support and comfort
  • Modular webbing allows you to store tactical gear securely
  • Made with Type E thread, which is used in construction. This makes the vest extremely durable
  • MIL-Spec military stitching standards, which are used specifically for industrial sewing


  • Some modifications after the order can make it more comfortable especially in the velcro straps. (Trimming them)
  • Made for people with big frames
  • No frills which it is why it is inexpensive

A very comparable vest to the Shellback Tactical plate carrier.

Budget Plate Carrier Option From 5.11 Tactical

5.11 Tactical plate carrier

For those on a budget still looking for a tactical plate carrier for protection, 5.11 Tactical is a viable option for you.

While not giving you a lot of the benefits of the above plate carriers this is a slick design and comfortable.

Most importantly, it does accommodate medium or large ballistic plates in the event that you need them.


  • Web ID loop
  • One-handed quick-release
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Oversized airflow panels
  • Durable Duraflex hardware
  • Cordura 500D nylon
  • Enhanced comfort and freedom of movement
  • Accommodates medium or large ballistic plates
  • Fits Rogue Men’s and Women’s Weight Vest Plates
  • Back yoke shoulder pads distribute weight evenly
  • Adjustable waist and tensional bands (Sizes XS-XL)
  • Extendable GrabDrag handle for emergency exfiltration
  • Imported


  • Inexpensive compared to others on our list
  • Great range of motion and comfortable
  • Does feature a quick release system for ease of removal


  • You will have fewer options to adjust and fit
  • Adding plates will put the price to about the same level as better plate carriers above.
  • They advertise this as more of a workout vest you can add rogue weighted plates.

A budget plate carrier but will still give you protection you need with plates.

In Conclusion

So, which one is it gonna be?

If it’s a secret OO7 mission that you are planning to undertake then we suggest the Shellback Tactical Rampage 2.0.

This baby will help you kill the villain and get the girl. Shh… your secret is safe with us.

Jokes aside, from a tactical point of view (see what we did there), any vest by Shellback will have you in your element.

And if the mission goes FUBAR, you can always count on your tactical plate carrier to get you out of the mess.

You can find these tactical plate carrier vests at LA Police gear by clicking here!

With connections to several tactical gear companies, you will find any and all kinds of equipment and tools that you may be looking for through them.

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