Get Awarded Survival Frog Points – Get Approved To Earn Frog Points Today

Survival Frog points what are they and how are they used.

Have you ever wanted to share a companies products with other people and in turn you get more products from said company?

This is the program Survival Frog has put in place for their customers.

In short, Survival Frog gives you points for a range of tasks completed.

These task are stuff like sharing a link, liking their social media pages along with other things we will get into later.

The points can be accumulated and used to purchase products from their website!

I think this is probably one of the most creative systems of points in this market.

As a result, they are hugely popular in the survival and preparedness marketplace.

Survival Frog The Company

Survival Frog is the largest and most trusted source for survival and preparedness products online.

The Survival Frog idea was born in 2009 when they started selling info-product like books online.

Survival Frog now distributes physical survival and outdoor gear throughout the US and Canada.

As a result, the company has evolved into the industry leader in preparedness products and survival gear sold online.

From beginners to experts, they cater to all types of people and organizations.

Most importantly, affordable survival and outdoor gear.

The Survival Frog motto is

“Preparing Made Easy, and we work hard to give you an amazing buying experience every time you visit or call us.

Preparing Made Easy is not just a slogan – it’s their belief that preparing doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.”

How Do Points Work?

You can follow the links below to sign up and share with friends and family you have on social media or through texts.

They make it super easy to

  • Signup
  • Earn Point
  • and Redeem Points for a range of products

As a result, just by signing up for the program, you earn 600 to start with)

How Do You Earn Points?

Survival Frog Points

Earning points can be super easy.

They have set up multiple ways of customers to work to earn points.

Here is a list of ways you can earn:

  • Firstly, for every $1 you spend on their website you earn 4 Survival Frog Points
  • Secondly, you can simply add a profile picture to a review. (earns 50 points)
  • Thirdly,  you can simply add a product picture to your review. (earns 100 points)
  • Fourthly, you can add a video to your review (earns 150 points)
  • Lastly, by just adding a review you’ll earn 350 points

Earned Frog Points Through Social Media

For people looking for even more ways to earn points you can help spread the word of the company to friends and family via social media.

  • Firstly, shared on Twitter you earn 50 points
  • Secondly, shared on Facebook earn 50 more points
  • Lastly, if you follow their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts you earn 100 for each.

Earn Points For Your Birthday

They give you points for simply having your birthday to help you celebrate.

I do not know any other companies that do that.

Heck, I have worked for companies that do less than that for your birthday.

  • Just for adding your birthday, you earn 600 points on your birthday!

Different Survival Frog VIP Tiers

Firstly, the more lifetime points you earn the higher level or tier you will move up to.

Most importantly you will start to earn more points per $1 spend on their company website.

You will also be given free gifts along the way in addition to early access to sales they run and discounts on products through the Survival Frog website.


The Frog Buyers Club

If you’re looking for a way to get even more points and deeper discounts they offer a buyers club.

Benefits of this program are:

  • Free Shipping (no minimum order price)
  • Return Shipping Free
  • 15% off all products on every single order. (can be used on already discounted or sale items.
  • Direct access to the VIP customer service line.
  • Upon signing up you will receive a free gift.
  • If you do not save more money than the price of the membership you get store credits.
  • Priority Handling
  • 1000 free Survival Frog Points

At the time of writing this article, they are currently offering two buyers club packages right now. (cancel at any time)

Spending Frog Points

Spending your frog points is made even easier.

You can get money off orders or pick between some of their products and not spend any money out of pocket if you have the points.

Below we have listed a screenshot from their website showing how much off you will get per the points you have accumulated.

Items You Can Get Money Off and Use Point

After accumulating the above mentioned points you can get dollars off your orders for a lot of different and amazing items to add to your bug out bags or camping bags.

Here is a list of just some of the items they offer!

  • All in one survival bags/kits – $299.97
  • Emergency Sleeping Bag – $24.97
  • Tough Tesla Lighter – $29.97
  • Pocket Stove – $19.97
  • Quad Solar Power Bank – $64.97
  • One person mess kit – $29.97
  • Stealth Tact Shovel – $44.97
  • Weather Alert Radio – $99.97
  • Sportsman 400 First Aid Kit – $134.97

These items are competitively priced and the site has tons of items.

In addition they are always adding more to their inventory and offering other extended deals so you should for sure bookmark their page.

Survival Frog F.A.Q.


Do the survival points expire?

Sadly yes they do.

The points will expire after 12 months of account inactivity on your account so make sure you stay active to keep earning.

How do I earn points by doing reviews of the products?

You can earn up to 350 points for writing reviews on a website you own.

After your purchase on the survival frog website, you will get a link.

You will get the link via email and you must use the link in the email to get points awarded to your account.

The link is a trackable link setup to know that the points go into your account.

In the link, you will have the option to write a review and add a picture to earn 450 points or add a video to earn 500 points.

Best part is you can do this up to two times per month to earn even more survival frog points.


The company makes it very easy for you to earn frog points.

Most importantly, the points you earn can be used to give you a deeper discount on the products you are looking for!

What more could you ask for?

Get out there and earn some sweet survival frog points to start getting money off your products or even better.

Free products!

For more information to join you can head over to their website by clicking below.

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