What No One Tells You About The Best Tactical Soft Shell Jackets

It can be a tiresome endeavor to find a suitable tactical softshell jacket for your needs.

There are so many brands that produce softshell jackets, but only a few brands are worth purchasing.

This article seeks to explore the features of the best tactical jackets in the market.

Knowing the best jackets available in the market will narrow down your search to a handful of products.

Ideally, an excellent tactical jacket should meet your requirements for your mission and to adequately withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and snow.

Today we will be talking about some stand out jackets from

  1. Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket
  2. RedFire Gear Men’s Soft Shell Military
  3. Viktos Combonova Softshell Jacket
  4. Propper BA Softshell Duty Jacket
  5. First Tactical Tactix Softshell Jacket

What is a Tactical Softshell Jacket?

Tactical Softshell Jacket

A tactical softshell is an article built to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and strong winds.

Tactical jackets are geared for military personell, current and ex-law enforcement, survivalist, and outdoor lovers.

The jackets are generally warm, water-resistant, and come with enough space for carrying essential gear like a map, flashlight, wallet, or pocket knife.

Most of the jackets are made of nylon, polyester, or fleece, depending on the brand.

It is common for the jackets to have several layers to maintain body heat while keeping the water and wind out.

The exterior coating is usually water-resistant or water-repellant to keep water from penetrating the jacket.

An interior fleece lining preserves the body heat to keep someone warm throughout your activities.

The number of pockets and the location of the coat will vary from brand to brand.

The right time to use a softshell jacket is during cold nights, during trips to the forest, in winter and spring, or when visiting cold regions for field operations.

A buyer needs to differentiate between light weather and a heavy-duty tactical jacket.

Using a light-duty weather jacket for heavy-duty purposes can be disastrous.

The Best Tactical Softshell Jackets

Tactical Softshell Jacket

There are a few tactical softshell jackets that can be classified as some of the best on the market.

They all have subtle differences but they all are lightweight and offer great benefits over traditional jackets.

These all have features designed into them to add to the capabilities in the field besides just keeping you warm.

Although they all can come in handy as casual wear for people who live in cold places.

Like all other gear and equipment picking the right one that suits your mission needs since yours will likely differ from others.

As a result, we have listed the top 5 tactical softshell tactical jackets for you to decide what fits your mission set.

Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket

Rothco is a reputable company that produces military standard outdoor survival gear.

They are based in the US and have a stellar reputation for providing excellent military equipment.

Their special tactical ops jacket is made with tactical, operational uses in mind.

It has some sweet features that make it the best tactical softshell coat on the market.


The 3-layer jacket will keep you dry under wet conditions due to the waterproof polyester outer shell.

It comes with six pockets with zips, including a shoulder patch and a zipper pocket for carrying essential gear during an operation.

A fleece lining on the inside keeps the wearer warm despite being in a cold location.

The jacket comes with an oversize hood and a hidden storage pouch. You can choose from nine colors, the one that suits your operations best.

There are drawstrings at the waist to help you pull the jacket as close to your body as possible.

Additionally, an adjustable elastic hook and the wrist work with a loop cuff to cinch the jacket around your arms.

It ensures that oversize sleeves do not get in the way when you are using your hands.

The front zipper is a two way to allow access to the gear you store around your belt.

The interior layers wick away any moisture to keep you dry all the time.

Sizes for the jacket range from extra small to 7XL, and there is a fitting chart to assist you in making the right decision.

You can choose a size higher if you are not sure about your correct size.

Each jacket has ventilation zippers under the arms to take the jacket off when it is warm.

Uses in the Field

It is ideal for hiking, hunting, camping, shooting adventures, and other outdoor activities.

The exterior shell is tough to withstand scratches from bushes.

You can store a variety of essentials in all the pockets on the jacket.


  • It has three layers and is durable.
  • It is available in various colors.
  • It comes with a patch panel on each arm.
  • It has a suitable fitting.


  • There are no lower pockets on the jacket.

RedFire Gear Men’s Soft Shell Military Tactical Jacket

RedFire Gear Men’s Soft Shell Military Tactical Jacket

The RedFire softshell jacket has a camouflage feature that is excellent for outdoor activities like hunting, climbing, army combat, and shooting.

The company specialized in military-grade outfits and gear for outdoor activities and operations.

The tactical jacket is suitable for spring, autumn, and winter outdoor sports and other activities.


The jacket’s outer shell is a combination of polyester and spandex to keep water from penetrating the interior.

It can also withstand wind blowing at a speed of 45 MPH and without allowing cold air to penetrate.

A polyester interior lining keeps the wearer warm during cold weather conditions.

You can stay low because the camouflage colors will enable you to fade into the surroundings.

You can opt for one color from the four available colors that can camouflage in the jungle, into the night, or in grasslands.

You can use an oversize hood to keep rain or snow away from your face.

Seven zipper jackets come in handy in carrying essential gear when you are going outdoors.

You get a patch on each arm for badges.

You can use the two-way zipper to access items in your trouser without opening the jacket altogether.

Drawstrings at the waist allow you to pull the jacket close to your body.

A hook and loop at the wrists and the adjustable wrist cuff enable you to tighten the sleeve edges around your wrists.

There is a sizing chart that helps individuals select a fitting jacket for their body type.

The fitting size for RedFire is relatively accurate, and you can follow the chart to choose a coat.

Overall, it is an excellent alternative to the Rothco Special Ops Tactical Soft Shell Jacket, and it will provide high performance.

Uses in the Field

It is perfect for camping, climbing, hiking, operations, army combat, cycling, riding a motorcycle, traveling, paintball, or airsoft shooting.

You can use it as an outdoors research infiltrator jacket whenever you are on an operation.


  • Available in various camouflage colors
  • It keeps the wearer dry in winter.
  • It comes with arm pockets and ventilation zippers.


  • Fabric makes it not the most silent to wear when moving around

Viktos Combonova Softshell Jacket

Viktos Combonova Softshell Jacket

Combonova softshell jackets are a combination of combat shirts and jackets.

The finals product is a camouflage tactical jacket that is warm and water-resistant.

US veterans designed it to understand the value of a high-quality tactical jacket in the field during cold seasons.


You have several color choices of the camouflage jacket to choose the one that suits your needs.

There are multiple pockets to carry essential gear, including chest pockets to keep documents and IDs close.

Additionally, sidearm access zippers offer easy reach for sidearms when in the field.

The elbow panels to provide the user with a wide range of hand movement in the area.

Stretch panels increase the overall mobility of the wearer during active tasks.

A fleece lining keeps you warm during the cold season and in wet weather conditions.

You will store sensitive material inside the two interior cargo pockets, and everything will stay dry even during heavy rains.

A Velcro closure will allow you to pull the sleeves’ ends close to your wrists and prevent interference when working with your hands.

The durable jacket comes with a 1-year warranty on craft and materials.

Overall, it is an excellent softshell jacket for outdoor lovers during winter and spring.

There is an accurate sizing chart, and it can be handy in helping you choose the right size for you.

You will receive your package within a few days of making an order from the company website.

Uses in the Field

It is suitable for law enforcement operations, hiking, climbing, camping, and other outdoor activities where people face lousy weather conditions.

The back panels and sidearm access zippers make it an excellent jacket for operations.


  • It comes with interior communication cords and ports.
  • It has sidearm access zippers.
  • It is water-resistant and a multi-season article.


  • You need to choose a bigger size for fitting.
  • It doesn’t have a hood.

Propper BA Softshell Duty Jacket

Propper BA Softshell Duty Jacket

Propper provides high-quality tactical jackets on and off duty activities.

The company has been providing outdoor lovers with softshell jackets for cold weather conditions.

It is a versatile jacket that is suitable for men and women.

Here are some of the features you should enjoy from using the Propper BA softshell duty jacket.


The tactical jacket has an exterior shell made up of 94% polyester and 6% spandex to keep water and cold winds out.

An interior polyester lining keeps you warm and dry under rain or snow.

The jacket is treated to be water repellant and resist dirt.

Therefore, your jacket won’t pick up a lot of dirt during your outdoor adventures.

You will have a removable hood in the back of the fleece color whenever it rains or snows.

It comes with a two-way zipper to allow the user to access any gear in the pants with ease.

A seam zip on each side is there for ventilation and offers easy access to a service belt when you are wearing it.

You can use several pockets for storage, including an internal chest pocket, a lower back dump pocket, and zippered hand pockets.

Additionally, it comes with a pull-out, customizable, removable ID panel.

Uses in the Field

It is an excellent choice for anyone in law enforcement or the military.

You can use it for hiking, climbing, traveling, riding a motorcycle, camping, or hunting.

The jacket can handle snow and rainy weather without any disappointments.


  • Available in neutral colors.
  • It comes with a hood and sidearm access zippers.
  • It comes with many pockets.


  • It is not available in a female cut.
  • Not ideal for harsh weather conditions.

First Tactical Tactix Softshell Jacket

C:\Users\cmaho\Desktop\First Tactical Tactix Softshell Jacket.png

First Tactical produces both female and male Tactix softshell jackets catering to different body shapes.

However, all the tactical jackets have the same properties despite coming in various forms.

The female jacket is an addition to the Tactix collection, and it offers multiple sizes for small and built women.


The exterior shell comprises 85% nylon and 15% spandex to make the fabric stretch a bit.

All the zippers on the jacket are YKK. The arms come with snaps to keep the sleeves from flapping at the end.

The female jackets have more chest space and a fitted waist, while the male jackets have broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

There are multiple pockets, including an inner chest zip pocket that has media port access.

You don’t need to iron the jacket after drying, and there aren’t any special cleaning requirements.

It comes in neutral colors, making it ideal for outdoor activities that require camouflage, and it is durable.

A user can add a compatible liner for extra warmth during the cooler seasons.

It is built for lightweight weather protection and light wind protection.

Uses in the Field

It is perfect for special ops activities, climbing activities, hiking, camping, cycling, or hunting.

You can pack a couple of essential gear in the pockets as you head out for an operation.


  • It comes in neutral colors.
  • It is water and wind-resistant.
  • There is an inner chest pocket.
  • The inner fleece lining will keep you warm.


  • It doesn’t come with a hood.


Our list consists of five of the best tactical jackets from reputable manufacturers.

All these jackets will bring even more capabilities to you on your mission.

Most importantly, they will keep you warmer blocking out the wicked wind blowing on you during duty.

All the jackets on the list have an inner lining to keep the wearer warm at all times.

Also, they come with a variety of pockets to assist you to carry essentials for your operations.

Do not forget to check in on our list of the top 5 tactical gloves on the market!

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