Certified Tactical Gear Collection For Vehicles To Add To Your Abilities

So you are looking for tactical gear for your trucks.

You are proactive and what to set your vehicle up to make sure you have all the tools on hand to complete your mission.

In this article we will go over some of the top accessories to do just that!

Everything from the organization of your gear or kits to some recommendations of some items to keep with you.

Fair warning some of these items you will think to yourself what in the world.

Tactical does not just mean you have a rifle.

Tactical means “relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end.”

Our end on this website is giving you all the advantages we can to ensure your mission is a success.

Whether that is self defence or helping others who maybe in need.

So let’s get started!

Tactical Vehicle Interior Options

There are a couple different options for organization inside the vehicle.

All these options will allow you to add gear and kit that you might need at a moment’s notice.

Gonex Car Seat Back Organizer

Gonex Car Seat Back Organizer

This is a back of the seat organizer kit that comes with four tactical pouches that are detachable from the unit.

These can be used for different situations you might find yourself in.

For example, one can be set up as an admin pouch, another as a medical kit, and another one can have EDC items like tools, knives, and other gear.

On the unit itself, it has two inside pockets for storing larger items like iPads or tablets, maps, and other items that lay flat.

The first one is at the top of the unit and is secured closed by velcro while the lower one features a YKK zipper with a silent cord for quiet access of the contents.

All the way at the base of the unit it has three outside pockets for extra storage for items that you may need faster and easier access to like a flashlight, multi-tools, umbrella, or radios.

This kit features MOLLE webbing for rearranging or adding a person kit you might alright have or allow for repositioning the way you like your kit to be.

Gonex Car Seat Back Organizer

This kit also has quick clips if need to remove it from your seat and move it to another vehicle or just out of the vehicle quickly.

It is a universal kit that has built in adjustability for different vehicle seats.

So no matter, if you have a car, Jeeps, vans, trucks, or an SUV this kit, will be able to be used and strapped securely to your seat.


  • Dimension:16″ x 23.6″
  • 5 Sets Weight:2.7lbs
  • One Set Weight: 0.94lbs
  • Material:1000D polyester
  • Military-grade high-quality YKK zippers
  • Two inside pockets & three outside pockets
  • Removable USA flag patch
  • Note Maximum capacity of 70 lbs. Too much weight will affect subsequent use

Single or Double Sided Molle Visor Panel Organizer

Single Sided MOLLE Sun Visor Organizer

This is a one-sided tactical organizer you can add to your sun visor to extend its capabilities.

It makes a great unit for adding things that you might need from your driver’s seat that grants you ease of access.

That might be a seat belt cutter, smaller flashlight, glass break, or any other items you might need on a MOLLE webbing.

In addition, it has a variety of other pockets one being transparent for ID badges to gain access to certain facilities.

The other pockets could be used for smaller notepads with a built-in elastic pen holder for taking notes or maps you may need.

If you are looking for a double-sided one the company does have them available as well which adds even more options for gear.

double-sided tactical visor
Double Sided MOLLE Sun Visor Organizer

These larger models that are double-sided are more geared towards bigger vehicles like trucks and SUVs that may have bigger sun visors.

This one is built with the same tough and durable double-layered 1000D nylon.

It’s an all in one design with hook and loop panels for displaying your morale patches.

In addition, it has 3 transparent layers to keep your ID cards in and 3 mesh pockets to store your documents.

It does have 4 elastic loops for keeping marker pens, or a safety hammer if you have one.

MTM Ammo Crate Holders


If you are like me you have multiple firearms you like to train with.

This means you have multiple calibers you need to have with you.

MTM makes these kits in three different options.

  • 1 crate with three ammo cans
  • 1 crate with four ammo cans (seen above)
  • 1 crate with five ammo cans

So depending on your needs or wants you can get them smaller or larger.

In addition, they are stackable as seen in the picture above along with having 4 tie-down points on each crate.

This comes in handy if you have tie-down spots inside the vehicle or can be used to strap down on the rack of an ATV or UTV.

The ammo cans are your standard 50 caliber canisters that have an o ring seal to keep the contents safe and dry.

This is to be noted that they are water-resistant, not waterproof so do not submerge your ammo in water.


Anyone familiar with this style of box knows they are large enough to stack box ammo in them or lose bulk ammo depending one which you prefer.

The outside diameter of this system is 13.5” x 25.4” x 8.9” (H) and for anyone interested, it is made in the USA!

Galls Heavy Duty Molded Car Organizer

For those that may have a specialized job such as law enforcement or security, Galls does make a molder car organizer.

This kit can be either front of the seat configuration for those who might not have passengers with them but it can also be used in a back of seat configuration.

It has eight specialized compartments to keep whatever items you need to be secured during fast accelerations or the sudden stop.

The compartments can hold multiple low profile clipboards, handcuffs, and a flashlight.

This option does not have any straps that actually strap the unit to the seat.

It has simple c hook style mounting system that just sits on the seat

Galls Heavy Duty Molded Car Organizer

For the people who have specialized jobs, this is a great option for having most of what you’re not carrying on you in your seat.

Makes for grabbing clipboards for traffic wreck reports or ticket books quicker than having them scattered in the seat or trunk.

This unit does have some adjustability built-in so you can make for a better fit in an SUV cruiser or car cruiser.

Dimensions: 21-1/2″ H x 15″ L x 4″ W

Petac Gears Rigid MOLLE Insert Panel

Petac Gears Rigid MOLLE Insert Panel

For those avid shooters and gear enthusiasts who already have kits and pouches that you make want to use instead of the above panel kit, this is an option.

This is simply just a panel you mount to any seat.

You can utilize a lot of different mounting options using the 1″ standard MOLLE slots.

The panel is MOLLE and PALS compatible.

It has several different mounting options incorporated into this panel. eg: MOLLE, Pouches, Hook & Loop Clamps, Elastic cord mounting.

So if you have a preference for what you prefer using you will not have a problem with this panel.

It is very sturdy and versatile made with rigid high density polymer.

This will allow a strong bearing and strength without deformation or the panel.

It does come with thick elastic string for attaching tools, mags, flashlight and etc.

Overall product size is 23.4″ height x 14.2″ width x 0.2″ thickness and the weight is 28.3 ounces.

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

We all find ourselves in the situation of having to go someplace on a trip or running errands where we have to go into a place that does not allow firearms.

So what do you do with your concealed weapon when going to these place?

Most people put them in a glove box or the truck in nothing more than a carrying case.

Hornady has made an option that goes right beside your middle console to allow safe and secure storage of your firearm when you have to step away from it but easy access when you need it.

I think every firearm owner that is responsible for carrying understands the importance of someone other than an intended person getting access to a firearm.

Especially a firearm that is not theirs.

This system does more to protect your firearm than just a security cable attached to your vehicle which it does come with.

It also exceeds all ASTM International safety standards.

The Rapid vehicle safe gets the name from some of the key features which include access in a variety of ways.

  • Touch-Free Entry Via RFID Activated Wristband,
  • Key Fob,
  • or Sticker. (Up to Five Tags can be Programmed)
  • User can Program Four-to-Six Digit Security Code

It also has a heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction 14 GAuge Steel with two internal hardened locking lugs and is powered by either a 12-volt car adapter or four AAA batteries.

Tactical Vehicle Exterior Options

All the items in this section will be adding to the capabilities outside your vehicle.

Whether it is more organization or gear to help you further your mission in survival or helping others in need.

DECKED Truck Bed Storage System

This company makes organization systems for vehicles for added capabilities to the exterior of your vehicle.

The following are vehicles they make for

  • Ford
  • Gmc & Chevrolet
  • Dodge
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Cargo Van
  • Jeep Gladiator

These kits are easy to install taking 2-3 hours to complete.

They are weatherproof & secure drawers.

This will help keep your tools, gear, and other items stored in drawers safe.

Not only do the drawers have locks most modern trucks have tailgate locks as well so you will be rest assured your items will be safe.

The decked system is weatherproof and will protect contents from car washes and normal environmental challenges.

The downside is these are not completely airtight and do allow a small amount of mist or dust, into the drawers.

On the upside, it will give you a lot more capabilities of your truck bed and the items will be well organized and easy to get to.

Bedside Rack System

tactical gear for exterior of the vehicle

Another great option by Built Right Industries for truck owners.

This allows you to add some essential gear to racks in the bed of your vehicle.

No more gear and tools bouncing around in the bed of your truck.

Neatly stored on these panels you install in the bed of the truck similar to the panels you can to the back of your seat.

They can be configured however you see fit for easy and quick access to the items you need when you need them.

Vehicles they make these for are

  • 2009+ Ford F-150s and The Ford Raptor models
  • 2017+ Ford Super Duty
  • 2019+ Ford Ranger
  • 2018+ Ford Expedition (COMING SOON)
  • 2020+ Jeep Gladiator
  • 2009-2019 Classic Ram
  • 2005 – 2021 Toyota Tacoma

Each mounting solution work with all MOLLE/PALS accessories in addition to universal slots for all kinds of storage possibilities.

As you can see from the picture above you can add axes, jacks, straps, or any other gear you might need on the outside of your vehicle.

Tactical Vehicle Gear Recommendations

Besides the normal tactical gear such as tactical plate carriers or the firearms, you choose there should be some additional items you have with you.

These items are most likely going to be items for just in case but you never know what you might drive upon and need to offer assistance to someone.

In this section we will go over some things for consideration.

Auto Medic First Aid Kit

Auto Medic First Aid Kit

Whether it is you needing help or someone you drive up to on the roads it’s a high probability you will see someone that needs assistance.

Below is a table showing the latest information which is 2018 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Pedal Cyclists47,000

As you can see from the table above there are not a small number of people being injured.

Having a medical kit with you will allow you to render aid to someone injured until medical support can reach the scene.

What you get in the above kit include

  • CPR shield
  • Rapid Tourniquet
  • Micro Cut Kit
  • Assortment of Bandages and Gauze Pads
  • Burn Gel
  • Fizz Tablet for signs of dehydration
  • Cold & Flu Medpack
  • Headache Medpack
  • Upset Stomach Medpack
  • Survival Blanket
  • Emergency whistle
  • Hand warmers
  • Emt Shears
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Pen light
  • Tweezers
  • Thermometer
  • Assortment of topical wipes and sanitizers.

They do have more specialized things you can purchase from them if you have the proper training to administer more aid.

Heavy Duty Folding Compact Shovel

Just like the multi-tool you carry on you having this can get you in or out of certain situations.

Whether you or someone else is stuck in the mud you can cut sticks or other things to put under the tires for traction.

You can use it for snow removal, help smother out small fires that may be in the surrounding grass.

Whatever the case may be having the tools for different situations can make for just a touch of an advantage in an already disadvantaged situation.

RESQME Vehicle Escape Tool

These little pieces of kit could have endless possibilities for use when coming up on a traffic incident.

Whether someone is locked in their vehicle unresponsive or trapped with a seat belt this little tool will get you in or out of a vehicle as quickly as possible.

It’s so cheap it’s almost a no brainer for the headache it will avoid you from having if you did not have one of these.

The guys from the battle box have tested this out so if you have not seen the series on Netflix called “Southern Survival” we highly recommend it.

In the episode, they tested this glass breaker and seatbelt cutter out both in vehicles in junkyards as well as a vehicle submerged underwater simulating a wreck where the car ends up in the water.

Regardless of user gender or age they are simple to use and they just work.

Viktos Kadre Tactical Glove

Viktos Kadre Gloves

Tactical gloves are for more than just looking cool at your gun range even though that is important.

Ask at Garand Thumb!

The more important use for these are for protecting your hands.

A rough estimate by Randall Wurst who spent 28 years in the military and retired as a Green Beret is that if something happens to your hands or feet you lose 50% of your abilities right off the bat.

More than likely if you come across a wreck or someone needing assistance you are going to be dealing with glass, sharp metal, possibly fire, etc.

You can not protect or help someone else if you endanger yourself in the process.

Gloves protect your hands. Simple!

Opt for tough gloves that will protect your hand like these linked for purchase.

Cold Fire Tactical

Cold Fire Tactical

Sadly, in the current times with the riots and other mayhem going on around us, I want to mention having a fire extinguisher in your vehicles.

Whether it is putting out small fires rioters may start or just an electrical fire started in someone’s vehicle from overheating.

Whatever the case maybe you might drive up on the situation when it happens before fire and rescue.

Having something to handle the situation can dramatically help everyone involved.

Not to mention if someone happens to be trapped in their vehicle with a small fire going.

Again I want to mention having the items in your kit to protect you and others will make it a lot easier to offer assistance to them when you are not injured yourself.

This fire extinguisher has no expiration date.

The canister contains an “all-season” formula where it can be used in extremely cold weather down to -20 degrees F before it freezes.

In addition, it can be used on A, B, D, K fires and electrical as long as the electricity is turned off first along with being the only known extinguishant that can put out a magnesium fire.

It is safe to say this would be a good piece of gear when outfitting your tactical vehicle.

TackLife 18000mAh Lithium Car Jump Starter

TackLife 18000mAh Lithium Car Jump Starter

This gadget packs a 800 amps peak current.

This means you can jump-start 12V cars, SUVs, trucks, or vans up to 30 times on a full charge which takes 4.5 hours.

It is a super compact power bank with 18000mAh capacity.

The device also has dual with one of them being a 5v/9v quick charge and power your other car accessories using a 12V 10A DC port.

The great thing about this device is that it holds a charge for 12 months of not being used.

Features a built-in flashlight as well so if you get caught at night time you will have a light under your hood while hooking this up.

A very useful device seeing is the old days of jumping a vehicle needed jumper cables along with another battery that was charged to be able to jump it.

Them days are long gone with this new tech.

Magic Gas

Magic tank for emergency gas

Bet you have not seen this on someones list for tactical items have you?

The number one thing usually are found on the side of the road needs is gas.

Sometimes people overestimate how much gas they actually have to get them to the next town or gas station.

When they are out of gas sitting on the side of the road or worst case it is you then you can have this as a backup.

Each one of these is 64 fl. oz. or 1/2 Gal of emergency fuel for gasoline vehicles.

It does have a 10-year shelf life and is biodegradable fuel.

If you or someone needs some in a pitch each will get you 10-20 miles depending on the vehicle being used.

Bug Out Bag Or Survival Bag

For this, it can be a catch-all for everything from survival food, rations, other first aid items, etc.

I list this last because we have already gone over these in great detail which you can view here.

A go-bag that stays in the vehicle in case you get trapped or caught up someplace and need things to eat or stay warm or to get you home.


Being tactical is not just about looking cool.

It’s about having the items you need when you need them to be able to make it through your mission.

Whatever that mission is these items on this list will prove valuable and ensuring your success.

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