Abandon Your Old Gloves For The Absolute Best-Selling Tactical Gloves For Shooting

If you are looking for the best shooting gloves on the market usually the first thing people do is look at the price.

While that is important it must be noted if you get a good quality and durable pair of shooting gloves you should not focus on price so much.

I would rather pay the price to get a good pair of shooting gloves that do not have to replace every 4-5 months.

(yes some gloves I have tested in the past have worn out in 4-5 months.)

With that being said no matter what gloves you get know in advance that they will wear out quicker depending on how much you use them and what type of things you are doing with them.

Far more important than the price is the fit and durability of the gloves.

You want them to fit properly and allow for easy and safe access when getting your trigger finger in and out of the trigger guard.

The gloves should be durable and able to go through any situations you have while maintaining a fast and accurate grip of the firearms you are handling.

Here is our top

  1. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves Gen 2
  2. Viktos Kadre Extra Protection Gloves
  3. Outdoor Research Asset Gloves
  4. Mechanix Wear Multi-Purpose Gloves
  5. 5.11 Tactical High Abrasion Gloves

The Purpose of shooting gloves is for hand protection.

Finding a good pair of gloves that protect against everything you will come into contact with is important.

Another important factor is they give you a better grip in different situations like rain.

  1. Hot Things
    • Protect against hot gun barrels when you shoot a lot, suppressors if you have them, or other hot things like stuff on fire.
  2. Cold Weather
    • When your fingers and hands are too cold you can get tingling in the fingers and hand, numbness, or the loss of ability to even grip your firearm properly.
  3. Prevent hand damage
    • In one of our previous articles, we talked about the importance of your hands and feet. Remember damage to these will reduce your abilities by 50% so you want to protect them.

The Shooting Gloves should fit loose enough for full dexterity but tight enough there is no excess space.

The most important part of getting a pair of shooting gloves is making sure they fit your hands properly.

You do not want the gloves to be too loose or too tight.

You want a comfortable meet in the middle snug fit.

Something that is loose enough to your hand to allow for full dexterity of your fingers and wrist.

You also want them to be tight enough you do not have a lot of excess space for your hands and fingers.

You want them to fit like a glove as they say.

So let’s get started

Tip: If you’re shooting in a competition, check the rules. The type of gloves you can wear might be regulated.

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves Gen 2 -The Best Shooting Gloves

The PIG FDT Alpha Combat Gloves makes the top of the list.

They have some key features and designs that give you the best shooting experience while wearing them.

Firstly, they have groundbreaking gun-handling dexterity.

Secondly, they have designed these with the thinnest available microfiber material available, only on the trigger finger for sensitivity.

These gloves are the most popular for their use in certain groups in the special forces.

My guess is if they are durable enough for military personnel especially those in the special forces they will hold up just fine for anything I could throw at them.

Which they did.

As a result, they offer maximum protection with excellent grip in an all weather shooting glove

The gloves do have the ability to be used with smart touch screen devices.

The Pig gloves have a synthetic suede material on the index finger and thumb for full use with all your mission critical devices.

You will notice an immediate difference between these gloves compared to others on the shooting range.

For these reasons I list these first as the best gloves to buy for shooting.

A full feature list of the Pig Gloves

PIG tactical shooting gloves
  • Conductive Thumb and Trigger Finger material
    • Maximum reliability for touch screen use without losing tactile dexterity.
  • Single Layer Multi-Piece Palm
    • Designed specifically so that only one layer of material contacts your shooting grip.
  • Sensitized and Isolated Trigger Finger 
    • The thinnest available Clarino™ material available, only on the trigger finger for ultimate sensitivity.
  • Selective Forschette Material 
    • Inside fourchettes are ventilated for maximum wicking. Outer fourchettes are Clarino™ for durability.
  • Low Profile Hook Closure 
    • Reduces abrasion on clothing.
  • Flex Joints 
    • Enhanced flexibility and ventilation on each finger.
  • Dual Flex Joint Trigger Finger
    • Providing maximum flexibility where you need it most.
  • Bar-Tacked Para Cord Pull Loop.
  • Short Cuff
    • Lightweight comfort and convenience.
  • Micro Suede Nose Wipe
    • Fights against cold-weather drip.
  • Ventilation holes in Palms and Fingers
    • Increased wicking.
  • Isolated Edge Padding
    • Protection without compromising the shooting grip.
  • Wrap-Over Finger Tips
    • Provides additional comfort and protection for fingernails.
  • Stretch Ballistic Nylon 1000D Padded Knuckles
    • Stretch ballistic nylon reduces pressure on the seams, thin padding takes the edge off of impacts.

Outdoor Research Asset Extra Padding Gloves

Outdoor Research Asset Gloves

If you are needing something with extra padding and standoffs on your knuckles and back of the hand these are an option for you.

Although these gloves do have the extra padding they are extremely dexterous.

I like this design over the traditional carbon fiber knuckle guards for the reason of added mobility.

Carbon fiber although extremely touch does hinder your gripping and grabbing ability.

I can not tell you what you need for your mission set so if carbon fiber works better for you then go for that!

These also offer close fitment to your hands with articulated padding on back of hand for unrestricted mobility.

The thumb and index seams are sculpted away from point of contact when pinching objects or operating selector switch and safety switch on weapons.

As a result, after training with these gloves you will find that easy weapon manipulation is compatible with the extra padding.

A full feature list of the Outdoor Research Asset Gloves

Outdoor Research Asset Gloves front and back
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Precision Grip thumb and index finger
  • Perforated padded mesh foam on back of hand and fingers
  • Super Supple leather used on palm and back of fingers
  • Perforated leather for improved ventilation
  • Low bulk stretch cuff
  • Precision Grip thumb and index finger

Viktos Kadre Extra Protection Gloves

If you want to skip regular gloves and need some dang near bomb proof these are the gloves to go with.

They are extremely lightweight and breathable.

They have designed these with high-dexterity Ax Laredo palm which is a polyester microfibers that exceed the durability and performance of natural leathers.

As a result, these are built for rough duty.

The backhand of the gloves have bump knuckles for additional protection to help absorb shock.

The design also has welded thumb overlay that help reduce slide bite from your pistol.

Fingertips of the gloves are touchscreen compatible for mission critical devices.

The adjustable wrist strap velcro closure will give you an excellent fit and includes a storage cord for lashing the gloves to your gear when not in use.

A full feature list of the Viktos Kadre Gloves

Viktos Kadre Gloves
Viktos Kadre Shooting Gloves
  • Breathable & lightweight padded polyester mesh chassis
  • Slide bite reduction thumb overlay-Seamless synthetic Ax® Laredo palm for durability
  • Pistol-friendly palm patterning for no-gap grip
  • Polymer bump knuckle insert provides backhand coverage
  • Tactically seamed precurved specifically shaped for pistol grips
  • Touchscreen compatible trigger finger & thumb
  • Back Side wrist cinch closure and storage cords
  • Includes Moralphabet™ hook & loop letter pack
  • Moralphabet™ compatible knuckle pads
  • U.S. veteran designed & developed
  • 1-year workmanship & materials warranty

Mechanix Wear The Original Shooting Gloves

I like these gloves not only for shooting but just an all around good multipurpose duty glove.

They are a cheaper option but still an excellent choice in cold condition or hot weather operations.

These do not have as much dexterity features built in as the above mentioned gloves but still have just enough to get the job done safely.

I will say they do offer a perfect blend of dexterity and durability.

The only issue I have with these is if I use them a lot I tend to work through the synthetic leather of these gloves especially on the index finger.

That being said I could not even guess how many hours of use the gloves get before I burn through the synthetic leather.

For the price and the amount of use you can get out of them I get the money’s worth out of them.

A full feature list of the Mechanix Gloves

  • Form-fitting TrekDry helps keep your hands cool and comfortable.
  • Adjustable Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) wrist closures create a secure fit.
  • Reinforced thumb and index finger improve durability.
  • Touchscreen capable synthetic leather provides the perfect blend of dexterity and durability.
  • Nylon carrier loops for storage.
  • Washing machine safe

5.11 Tactical High Abrasion Tactical Glove

5.11 Tactical High Abrasion Gloves
5.11 Tactical High Abrasion Tactical Glove

This is another all around good multi purpose duty glove.

They have made a high abrasion tactical glove with a synthetic suede material on the reinforced palms that take the brunt of any task you are doing.

These are some of the most comfortable gloves that have ring-cut microfiber strips on key fingers to provide additional grip.

As a result, these gloves are great for anyone in law enforcement or target shooting or anything in between.

Notched gussets on the index finger and thumb allow for maximum movement without any extra material so you can perform any task.

A full features list of the 5.11 Tactical High Abrasion Gloves

5.11 Tactical High Abrasion Gloves
  • Internal padded knuckle
  • Webbing pull tab/hanger loop
  • 3 fingers with ring-cut microfiber strips
  • Notched index and thumb gussets for flexibility
  • Leading edge fourchettes have microfiber protection
  • High abrasion 10W synthetic suede palm (4000 cycles ASTM D3884)

Hatch SGK100 Street Guard Cut-Resistant Tactical Police Duty Glove

Hatch SGK100 Street Guard Cut-Resistant Tactical Police Duty Glove
Hatch SGK100 tactical shooting gloves

These gloves over the best protection with a tight fit for law enforcement or security personnel.

They are the most versatile and best tactical gloves made with a Kevlar inner-palm liner.

This is great for anyone looking for protective gear with enhanced cut-resistance.

Designed with embossed, synthetic palm for enhanced grip and a stretch back of hand for comfort and breathability.

The non-slip cradle offers sure grip and positive weapon control even in cold conditions.

These make a great alternative instead of going bare hands on a subject on scene.

A full feature list of the Hatch SGK100 Gloves

A full feature list of the Hatch SGK100

Hatch SGK100 Street Guard Cut-Resistant Tactical Police Duty Glove sizing chart
Hatch SGK100 sizing chart
  • Digitized synthetic leather palms with Extreme-Grip non-slip cradles offering sure grip and positive weapon control
  • Neoprene and nylon Spandex laminated fabric back allows air circulation for maximum comfort and a proper, snug fit
  • Hook and loop closure keeps gloves firmly in place

Commonly Asked Questions About Tactical Shooting Gloves

fragoutinc.com FAQ Commonly Asked Questions

Are tactical shooting gloves legal?

Yes, owning tactical gloves is legal in most every state within the United States.

The issue you could have is when you are wearing them and get into an altercation with someone.

Tactical gloves that have the hard knuckles made out of carbon fiber or other materials could be considered in the “brass knuckle or weighted knuckle” category and could be deemed illegal if used with the intent to hurt someone.

Check with local or state laws in your area to see if these are prohibited.

For a extended source of which states allow brass or weighted knuckle click here!

If you are a competitive shooter using tactical shooting gloves check to make sure they all the type you want to wear in that particular competition.

Are tactical shooting gloves good for punching?

Yes, tactical gloves or shooting gloves are good for punching especially since they are adding extra protection to your hands and knuckles.

What tactical shooting gloves does the military use?

Most of the tactical shooting gloves the military personnel use can be any one of the gloves we mentioned above.

For example the Pig FDT Alpha gloves have been recommended by ex-green berets.

Other people in special forces have recommended the Viktos Kadre or Mechanix tactical shooting gloves.

How do you break in tactical shooting gloves?

Most good quality tactical shooting gloves on the market like the ones we went over in this article will not need to be “broke in”.

Good quality tactical gloves have built in design for added dexterity and mobility.

If you have a stiffer more protective glove you might have to put them on and use them break them in much like tactical boots.

Can you wash tactical shooting gloves?

This is determined by what materials the gloves are made out of.

A common rule of thumb for all tactical shooting gloves is to wash them in the sink using mild detergent and cold water to prevent shrinking.

Here are some tips on cleaning your tactical shooting gloves.

  1. Know your material
  2. Check with the manufacturer for care instructions
  3. Wash most gloves in cold water
  4. Avoid bleach or heavy-duty detergents
  5. Allow them to air dry


These top five tactical and duty gloves can be a great asset to you adding extra protection to your hands.

The ability to function in cold weather or hot weather is a must while not hindering your dexterity operating essential gear like you duty weapon or touch screen devices.

All these are great options depending on your mission and they all offer different sizes to get your the proper fitment!

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