The Best Rated Tactical Waterproof Pants For Your Fierce Adventure

A man wearing green tactical pants with mud-caked boots standing on a muddy path
A man wearing green tactical pants with mud-caked boots standing on a muddy path

Planning to buy pants for your next adventure?

The type you choose solely depends on the place you are going to.

There are short pants, work pants, denim jeans but you won’t find pants more versatile than tactical pants.

You are probably thinking, “Why tactical pants?”

Well, the word “tactical” doesn’t mean they are only for people in the military.

In this case, tactical pants are for those adroit planners whose aim is to get to the end and past the immediate action.

Are you confused?

To put it in simple terms, tactical pants are for those people who want ease and protection no matter what the mission is.

Tactical pants are the same as cargo pants with the exception that the former has certain technical modifications like

  • Fast-drying
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Having hidden compartments
  • Concealed carry pockets, and more.

The hard-wearing materials are stitched from giving them a long life, which makes them superior to any other pants in your closet.

As we said, tactical pants are not just reserved for people working in fields such as the SWAT teams or law enforcement.

The FBI does use them to do their dirty work. Shh… don’t tell them that we revealed their secret.

It’s the pocket storage these pants offer which makes them the perfect fit for any kind of job.

Before we list down that best tactical waterproof pants, let’s take a look at how to choose tactical pants:

Tactical Waterproof Pants Buyer’s Guide

Tactical Waterproof Pants Buyer’s Guide

To give you a list of the best tactical waterproof pants, we decided to look at a number of factors to find a reliable pair, which has those camouflage elements, is made of quality materials and fabric, and has tactical attachments and pocket storage.

Each of these factors was separately rated such as the fabric’s durability and lightweight quality.

Pants made from poly-cotton and Teflon that are stain and water-resistant.

Lastly, we also looked at one of the most important features ― pocket storage.

Then there were the additional tactical attachments such as D-rings and open pockets for fast storage, and EDC pockets to carry pens and pencils.

As for camouflage, the designs chosen are based on the environment.

Types of Tactical Pants


These are the most basic type of tactical pants that mimic military uniforms.

They have features such as deep-set pockets that provide ample storage.

They look similar to the legendary battle uniform known as “BDU pants.” If it’s functionality you are looking for then overt tactical pants will work well for you.

Overt tactical pants are ideal for combat situations, outdoor excursions, and when you are planning to have a paintball fight with 15-year-olds.

They will get you in the zone.


Covert pants don’t have that tactical edge. They are more discreet and can be worn anywhere anytime.

These pants have come a long way from their camouflage designs.

They do come in various colors and are more like khaki pants in style.


With tactical jeans, you can take your low profile a step further.

Whether you are planning a lazy and quiet day indoors or are going on a nature outing with your friends, these pants will help you maintain your style and at the same time, offer comfort.


Known as “emergency medical pants,” these pants are for those professionals who have a demanding job.

The pants have specialized compartments that can be used to store medical tools and essential gear.

Tactical Pants Features:

multi pocket design graph

Below are different pocket types that you will find in tactical pants:

Knife Pockets

Almost all tactical pants have a pocket for a small knife.

This pocket is long and narrow in shape with a reinforced, flat-edge bottom.

It has double-stitched openings so that the pocket can withstand the knives’ weight.

Hidden Pockets

The stealthy style of tactical pants is not complete if they don’t have a hidden pocket.

These pockets are hidden behind side seams and other pockets and inside the waistband.

The purpose of hidden pockets is to store sensitive items.

Magazine Pockets

Competition shooters and gun enthusiasts swear by these pants for one reason: magazine pockets.

This pocket is of the perfect size to slide in ammo securely.

The side pocket is within reach and allows you to grab your magazine fast.

Cargo Pockets

Cargo pockets are a trademark of tactical pants. They are large and provide optimal storage.

They have two types of openings, which include a flap at the top and sometimes a zipper on the side.

Media Pockets

The trendier tactical pants have a media pocket, which you can use to store your mobile phone or iPod.

Depending on the size of the pocket, you can also store larger media devices.

Handcuff Key Pockets

If you are in law enforcement or are a bounty hunter then this pocket will come in quite handy!

The pocket is located either inside the waistband or the cuff of the pant legs. The pocket is the size of a thumb

Slash Pockets

The slanted design on the top sides or back are the slash pockets. There’s no extra fabric and the pocket is flushed with the fabric, which provides efficient and quick access.

Symmetrical Pockets

These are roomy pockets on both sides of the pant legs. The pockets are identical and either have a zip or flap opening.

They can be used to store large items.

Knee Pad Pockets

If you are planning to go mountain-climbing or hiking then tactical pants with this pocket are ones you want.

They have pockets for knee-pad inserts that offer cushion for your joints.

The Best Tactical Waterproof Pants

Add the waterproof feature to tactical pants and you have got yourself the best tactical pants that can be worn in heavy rain weather.

Following are the best tactical waterproof pants trending in the market:

Arcꞌteryx LEAF Alpha Tactical Pants GEN 2

Arcꞌteryx LEAF Alpha Tactical Pants GEN 2
Crocodile Color

The Arcꞌteryx LEAF Alpha Tactical Pants GEN 2 is brought to you by Gore-Tex.

The pants are made of the most breathable and durable fabric: Gore-Tex BD450 3 Layer 40D Nylon Ripstop.

The SCHOELLER Keprotec Instep is an extremely protective fabric that reduces abrasion.

The Alpha Pants have two leg pockets to store documents and venting leg zippers that allow the wearer to easily slide them on and off even while wearing boots.


  • Made from Gore-Tex BD450 3 Layer 40D Nylon Ripstop fabric, which is waterproof, breathable windproof, durable, lightweight, insulated and offers a tight fit
  • Helps regulate temperature and moisture during exertion
  • Articulation in the knees and seat provide unrestricted movement
  • WaterTight™ side zippers and fly zipper
  • Webbing waist belt with a T-lock buckle
  • Instep reinforce with Keprotec® Materials

Available in different colors including

  • Ranger Green
  • Crocodile
  • Wolf Grey
  • Multicam
  • Black


  • The pants are quite comfortable. They might seem a bit oversized but the Durastretch fabric offers a perfect fit
  • Unobtrusive pocket layout and more room for storage
  • Despite the instep fabric, the pants are breathable and won’t make you sweat
  • Extremely waterproof and durable due to the Gore-Tex fabric


  • Expensive
  • Might prove too stifling in hot weather

Arcꞌteryx LEAF Alpha Tactical Pants LT GEN 2

Arcꞌteryx LEAF Alpha Tactical Pants LT GEN 2
Wolf Grey

The Arcꞌteryx LEAF Alpha Tactical Pants LT GEN 2 is made from Gore-Tex L&F 3 Layer 30D Nylon Plain Weave Fabric.

This makes the pants higher breathable and waterproof.

The tough rugged material prevents abrasion, which allows you to continue your adventure without tugging on the pants every time you are crossing treacherous terrain.

The zipper closure is quite roomy and can be accessed even when you are wearing gloves.

The articulate seat and kneepad provide a layer underneath, which allows you to move freely.

The hem of the pants is wide enough to accommodate boots.


  • Made from Gore-Tex L&F 3 Layer 30D Nylon Plain Weave Fabric, which is 100% windproof, breathable, and waterproof
  • The rugged feature of the pants provides long-lasting and durable protection
  • Offers a military fit, which provides warm layering during cold weather
  • Adjustable nylon web waist, which adds sizing flexibility
  • Webbing waist belt with a T-lock buckle
  • Hip length, WaterTight™ side zips that operate two way
  • WaterTight™ fly zipper
  • Webbing waist belt with a T-lock buckle that offers a tight grip
  • Has drawcord ankle with a cuff closure that tightens over booths and prevents snags


  • Has reinforced step layering, which mitigates abrasion and prevents wear and tear
  • The plain weave fabric makes the pants highly breathable
  • Provides weather protection in all environments
  • Trendier than Arcꞌteryx LEAF Alpha Tactical Pants GEN 2


  • Expensive

MTHD Mountain Hardshell 3L Pant L5

MTHD Mountain Hardshell 3L Pant L5
Flat Dark Earth

MTHD tactical waterproof pants are exclusively provided by Tactical Distributors.

The letters “MTHD” describe the features and quality of the pants.

Mountain | Tundra | H2O | Desert

The MTHD Mountain Hardshell 3L Pant L5 provides optimal performance in all weathers.

It balances between being breathable, waterproof, lightweight and durable.

It’s a hybrid creation made by eVent™ fabrics DVstorm and DVexpedition laminates.

Adjustable waistband? Check.

Is harness compatible? Check.

Leg vents? Check. 4-season weatherproof? Check.

The pants are made from 100% nylon Ripstop and the nylon mini Ripstop on the inside makes them extremely breathable.

Say goodbye to sweat when wearing these pants because the fabric will ensure you remain dry at all times.


  • 3-ply Hardshell Fabric Technology makes the pants soft and noiseless and the DWR surface treatment provides an extra waterproof layer
  • YKK AquaGuard® Zippers that offer smooth operation
  • Provides an athletic fit
  • Lightweight and highly breathable pockets and body panels
  • Fully taped seams
  • Durable and highly waterproof knees, lower leg panels, and seat
  • Metal eyelets to attach a Paracord
  • Side hooks on the adjustable waistband with closure and fly
  • The thigh pockets are compatible with any harness
  • Brushed Interior on the back waistband offers comfort
  • Hidden drawcord adjustmentsGusseted crotch
  • Full-length side zippers (2-way)
  • Hook attachment for boot laces


  • Affordable
  • Contains numerous hidden features from the major such as 2-way side zippers for breathable to inside hook that prevents the pants from riding up
  • The mesh lining in the 3 layers provides comfort by reducing sweat


  • Other MTHD pants offer a higher waterproof feature

Patagonia Flurryshell Bib Pants

Patagonia Flurryshell Bib Pant
Wolf Grey

The Patagonia Flurryshell Bib Pant is one of the best tactical waterproof pants on the market.

They meet the Berry Amendment standards (U.S.C., Title 10, Section 2533a), which makes them the ultimate tactical pants.

The pants had Pantagonia’s H₂No® benchmark.

The 3-layers of this technology offers features such as

  • Durability
  • Breathability
  • Waterproofness

H₂No® offers the highest level of waterproof performance.

One of the materials has a DWR finish, which provides an extra layer of weather protection.

The stretch-woven waist and suspenders offer a perfect fit.


  • Has a breathable and waterproof shell, which provides extra protection against contamination in inclement weather
  • The skinny seam tape reduces bulk and weight and improves breathability
  • The proprietary backers offer friction-free layering
  • 2-way zipper fly
  • 2 thigh pockets
  • A stretch-woven waist that promotes comfort and breathability
  • Adjustable suspenders
  • Articulated knees prevent abrasion
  • Belt loops, which accommodate a rigger’s belt
  • Leg zippers with ¾-length of the pant legs, which allow you to put on the pants even when wearing boots


  • Has the best H₂No® technology, which makes them extremely waterproof
  • Clean design with no bulky belt loops or pockets
  • The DWR finish provides an extra layer of weather protection


  • Expensive
  • Hard to buy as the patents are issued to government personnel only


Use our guide to find your fit in weatherproof tactical pants.

There are plenty of designs out there but when it comes to these pants, your choice should be based on the

  • Fabric quality
  • Breathability
  • Waterproofness.

Some of these pants are exclusively sold by a few select distributors and as mentioned earlier, you might not be able to buy them.

Keep in mind that tactical pants are generally expensive because of the features they have.

However, the price is worth the product because they are built with purpose.

For you mission!

For more information on these pants or to purchase at Tactical Distributors by clicking here!

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