The Best & Most Impressive Battle Belts For The Fearless

Battle belts are more rigid than the ordinary leather belt you buy from Walmart and sit tighter on the waist.

These are also made stronger for the purpose of holding up your pistol and other essential gear you may need.

There are a lot of different companies that try their hands in making these but a lot of them fall short.

We will go over some of the successful companies that have some great options.

What They Are Not

There are tons of different types and options you may see when picking a belt.

duty belt is geared more toward police officers with just enough lb rating to carry what police officers usually carry on their duty belts.

riggers belt or sometimes called the instructor belt.

These are made for rappelling and provide features like an anchor point and are designed to hold up your pants during activities like zip-lining, rock climbing, and fast-roping. 

As a result, the riggers belt has to have a particular rating to handle this type of activity, and are not advised for carrying your gear or other items on them.

I have seen these terms be interchanged just be careful if you are needing something particular for any of the above situations that it is rated to do them

What To Look For In A Battle Belt

With so many of these on the market, it can be difficult to pick one that you will not waste your money on.

These are personally set up for the way a particular person wearing them likes their kit set up.

Everyone has their own way that is comfortable for them personally to grab things they need.

Most have the below on them:

  • Pistol with holster
  • Pouch for extra pistol magazine or magazines
  • Pouch for extra rifle magazines for your primary weapon.
  • Combat Application Tourniquet and/or Med Kit

Here are some things to consider when picking one.

Material Construction


Good quality ones will be built with reinforced stitching and heavy-duty tensile strength.

Most of these are made from multiple rows of stitching, not just one layer.

Some companies try to construct these out of sole nylon which does not give the belt the sturdiness or rigidity you need to hold up the amount of weight you will have on them.

Nylon and leather do have their place but in my opinion, you should stay away from these when picking one.


Good ones are very well designed with high rigidity on up to the border of being uncomfortable.

Good ones do not quite break the point of being uncomfortable especially after being worn and used.

These should not be able to be bent, rolled, pinched, or twisted.

As mentioned above they are designed to hold up the weight of the kit on them.

Type Of Locking & Adjustability


Most great battle belts have some form of adjustability built into them.

This is for the purpose of adjusting it to different people who buy them and should be adjusted to sitting tight on your waist not lose.

You do not want your belt bouncing around loose on your person.

Some people like belts that can be strung through their belt loops and others prefer belts that you do not string through your belt loops.

At the point of writing this, the best belt clip design is the cobra belt buckle which most companies use.

These cobra buckles are probably the best design I have ever personally seen and have been very popular since the creation of them.

Disclaimer Before Starting


In the tactical community or would be operators like to have the exact same setup as someone, they see on a movie or youtube channel.

Although that is “tacticool” as they say it defeats the purpose of the belt or kit.

These can be set up for missions or operations you will be doing.

With versatility in mind this belt can set up for different operations or liking.

If you are not repelling or getting in helicopters you do not need such equipment as helo retention systems attached to your belts.

You only need the things on your belt that you use or possibly use and nothing more than that.

Most importantly, you need to be doing a lot of training with the setups to get a sense of what works best for you.

Now that is out of the way let’s get into belts.

The Bison Battle Belts By Ferro Concepts

At the top of the list is the Bison belt by Ferro concepts.

The company has probably the lightest and most low profile battle belts on the market.

The belt was created directly in collaboration with the special force community and law enforcement.

This belt will give you optimal rigidity for gear stabilization on your waist.

They used a single layer of laser-cut thermoplastic as the framework for the belt that reduces the overall weight and thickness profile of the belt without negatively affecting the rigidity.

Integrated through the entire core of the belt is continuous 1” tubular webbing from the clip to clip for strength.

This does come with an external belt and an internal velcro belt as well to aid in quicker release. 

They opted to use a lightweight webbing to reduced overall bulk even more while still having the of installing MOLLE compatible products such as Esstac Kywi’s or a dump pouch on the belt.

When you can find these in stock they come in five different colors.

  • Wolf Grey
  • Multicam
  • Black
  • Coyote Brown
  • Ranger Green


  • Adjustable sizing option
  • D-ring Cobra Buckle
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great Durability
  • Great rigidity for holding up the gear.
  • MOLLE webbing compatible
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty minus normal wear and tear


  • Not rated for restraint in helo or rappelling
  • More expensive than others
  • Popular means it is usually out of stock

Ronin SENSHI Battle Belts

SENSHI is Japanese for Soldier, Warrior, Guardian, Fighter which suits it.

Ronin Tactic’s Special Edition SENSHI belt in Multicam is another favorite of mine.

Made with a nylon weave camouflage material with black trim which offers the shooter a stiffer platform. 

​The SENSHI Gun Belt was designed and developed on the battlefield.

Special Operations soldiers put this through the paces to make sure it could withstand the abuse.

It is lighter weight and comfortable but still gives you complete control of the attachments you need on your person.

​It is a two-stack system with an inner Hook-and-Loop Fastener webbing belt.

The tactical load outer layer allows for 2 rows of 1/2 inch webbing, enabling the shooter to add an assortment of MOLLE attachments.

The belt features a new 2 inchs Cobra Buckle with an attached “D-Ring”, which ensures more MOLLE space for the shooter to add attachments.

This pick does not have other colors and only comes in Multicam.


  • Military Grade Quality
  • COBRA Buckle w/ Silver D-Ring
  • Tactical Load Bearing Belt w/ PALS Webbing
  • Hook-and-Loop Fastener Inner Belt
  • Fully Adjustable for Comfortable Fit
  • 7,000 lbs Tensile Strength for Solid Colors
  • 5,000 lbs Tensile Strength for Multicam
  • TAA Compliant


  • More expensive than others
  • Limited Stock
  • Made to order so delivery might take some time.

ATS Skirmish Battle Belts

For those maybe not wanting to pay the price listed for the above ones I have the ATS Skirmish belt.

It’s half the price of the above ones we listed but is still perfect for those needing a sturdy belt, capable of bearing of heavy loads with great stability, yet more streamlined than a full War Belt.

This does have an inner / outer belt system as well.

The Skirmish belt is plenty rigid with great stiffness, perfect for supporting a holster and numerous magazine pouches and other items you might need on your battle belt.

Sizing is a 1.75 inches outer belt made from scuba webbing.

Comes with a male Velcro liner complete with two rows of MOLLE webbing and is secured by a Cobra clip.

Additionally, it has a steel mounting loop perfect for attaching an aircraft safety lanyard to, that can be strapped down when not in use.

The 1.5’ inches wide inner belt will accommodate most pants belt loops, and is covered with a female Velcro strip.

When worn together the ATS Skirmish belt is the ideal platform for tactical, competition and everyday shooters.

half the price as the above picks while still giving your the ability to have the equipment you need on the range.

If you still need something that has the strength you are looking for to hold up some upgrade attachments this is the belt for you.

This pick does come in four different colors

  • Multicam
  • Black
  • Coyoto Brown
  • Ranger Green


Weather you are running around with soldiers or just an avid shooter training for self-defense these can help aid with carriering some of your kit.

You can increase some of the stuff you need on the belt that takes weight of your plate carriers.

There are a lot of different versions that might blow your hair back.

Pick one and make sure you run it through the basics to make sure it will work for what you need it to do.

With the versatility of these I’m sure you can find a version that suits you best.

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